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Friday March 8th 2002 - edited by Patty Greenall

This week in Astro News:
~ Behind the Signs ~
~ Skywatch ~
~ Astrologer's Diary ~
~ New Service from the Astrological Association of Great Britain ~

Behind the Signs
Venus, planet of love and money, goes into Aries today at 1:42am. The sensuality of Venus is given an edge, indicating a more ardent approach to pursuing the good things in life such as romance and riches. While Mars is in Taurus, ruled by Venus and Venus is in Aries, ruled by Mars, there's a mutual understanding between the sexes or a reversal of roles.

Venus has been undetectable since January because of its closeness to the Sun. She can now be seen in the western sky but only for about half an hour after sunset. She will grow more visible between now and May.

Astrologer's Diary
Sunday March 10: Pam Carruthers’ one-day interactive workshop Combining Astrology with the Principles of Psycholgy, 10am-6pm, £70, 9 Bradmore Park Road, London W6. Booking: 020 8741 4770
One-day seminar, Understanding Water Houses, by the Centre for Psychological Astrology, Regents College, Inner Circle, Regents Park, London NW1, 10am-5pm, £40.
Monday March 11: Weekly meeting, Astrological Lodge of London, 50 Gloucester Place, London, W1. Free beginner's class at 6pm; Lunar Nodes by Komilla Sutton at 7pm (£5; members £3).
Friday March 15: York Astrology Group, Friends Meeting House, Friargate, York. Exploration of the 12th and 1st Houses & Pisces, 7.30pm, £2.50.

Are you holding an astrological event - especially one outside London!! - that you would like others to know about?
Write to with subject heading: Astro Events with website links.
Please note - we cannot promise to include ALL submissions but will do our best.

New Service is Top for the Charts
The Astrological Association of Great Britain is proud to announce that you can now speak LIVE to an expert astrologer. For an instant in-depth telephone consultation about your full horoscope call 0845 120 1416 or +44 207 436 9101
(a confidential 30-minute reading costs £29.50, payable by credit card. Or cheque/postal order from UK.)
Lines are open 9am-9pm GMT, Monday to Friday.
Four weeks ago, the Astrological Association of Great Britain launched this new, live fixed-fee, telephone chart reading service. It has since proved big hit with callers from all over the world. AA President Roy Gillett told Astro News: "I am delighted with the warm response that we have had. Once, if you wanted a reading of your full birth chart, you would have to struggle to find a genuine, reputable astrologer. Then, you would have had to make an appointment and travel miles. Now, at last, there's a quick and easy way to get your questions answered by a real expert - from the comfort of your own home." Mirror reader Julie Roberts from Rochester was equally enthusiastic. "I rang last Tuesday and spoke to an astrologer called Maria. Within moments, she was telling me details about my childhood that she could not possibly have known... then she said some fascinating things about my future.

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