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December 16th to December 21st 2002

Jonathan back

Thanks to the excellent astrologers who worked so hard here last week. The break gave me a chance to take a good look at 2003. Now, at last, I feel I know something about the kind of year it is due to be. I expect it to begin rather dramatically with events in early January putting many people on edge – but the real underlying theme is not so much ‘tension’ as ‘strength’. I’ll tell you more as I start to see it. Meanwhile, as it is nearly Christmas, I thought we should do something a little different. So instead of talking about their usual topics I have asked our regular weekly contributors to tell us about the charities that they support and why. Today begins with Uri Geller - the link to Uri's page is in the left hand frame. Next week I shall give them all a holiday whilst I tell you about the causes that are closest to my own heart.

Waxing Moon

The Moon is now looking very full – but she is not quite yet at her peak. Subtly, slowly, she is continuing to ‘wax’ – and we, here on earth, are continuing to feel tense and excitable. Things will calm down a little at the end of the week. The ‘crazy edge’ that everything now seems to have will become significantly less sharp. The sky, of course, does not know anything about Christmas – which is why some years, we get cosmic climates that are highly inappropriate for the festival. But this year, the feast takes place under a waning quarter Moon which means we should all be feeling suitably ready for rest and relaxation.
Unseasonal behaviour

Dear local resident,
As you are probably aware, there has been an influx of rough sleepers into the local area. Many of these are using large cardboard boxes for bedding and shelter. In order to assist the council in decreasing this problem, could you please ensure that if you throw out any cardboard boxes you break them down into small pieces before leaving them for collection.
Yours Faithfully,
R. Griffiths,
Council Environment Officer
Believe it or not, this letter came through my mailbox the other day! Who says that the spirit of Scrooge is dead? If you come across any other such examples of horribly unseasonal behaviour, please let me know.
Mass movements

Astrologers believe that planetary alignments summon up moods and spirits here on earth. We also know, though, that there are other ways to unleash these forces. When enough people decide to invoke a mood or create an atmosphere they can do so regardless of what is happening in the heavens. Usually, though, mass movements tend to have cosmic causes. But there are exceptions to every rule. And we are currently living through one of these. Christmas is a function of the civil calendar, not the heavenly timetable. But we all know how powerful it is. Tomorrow, I will say more about this.
Seasonal behaviour

Santa Claus is like Jove (or Jupiter) in traditional mythology. Both are cheerful, generous giants. And Christmas is very much a Jupiterian feast for it embodies all the excess and extravagance if this planet. Yet history gives this festival to Saturn – planet of time, restriction and responsibility. It is deliberately timed to coincide with the sun’s arrival in Capricorn – which is ruled by Saturn. That’s why it was once called ‘Saturnalia’. It is most confusing. But no more so, I suppose, than the way we all celebrate the birth of a man who was born into poverty and who taught that there is more to life than money – by spending a fortune at the shops!
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Millions in different worlds...

For millions, it’s now nearly Christmas. For millions more, it’s nothing much in particular. Our world is full of people who live in ‘different worlds’. But Pluto and Saturn now suggest that some of us may soon find more common purpose than usual.

Happy Birthday!
Robin and Maurice Gibb - Capricorn born December 22, 1949
It’s easy to think of the Bee Gees as big brother Barry and ‘the other two’. But the trio owes much of its strength and enduring quality to down-to-earth Capricorn twins Robin and Maurice, who turn 53 tomorrow. Their calmness under pressure conceals intense emotions and strong ambition, the ideal counterpoint to an insightful Virgoan elder brother.
Happy birthday also to Jane Fonda (65) today, Sissy Spacek (53) and Annie Lennox (48) on Christmas Day, and Gerard Depardieu (54) on Friday.


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