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February 18th to 23rd 2002


The world, I keep insisting, is heading towards a time of great peace and prosperity. People keep asking me how I can be so sure when all the signs seem to be pointing in the opposite direction. That's easy to answer. It is as if we are all passengers on a train. As we ride into the future we see all kinds of scenery through the window, much of which is unpleasant or discouraging. The passing view though, tells us nothing about the ultimate destination. The current tension in Israel is a case in point. Right now the two sides look to be further away than ever from lasting peace. Yet they will begin to achieve this within the next twelve months.


"Dear Jonathan, Having sent this letter to you, it is now in my past. As you read it, it immediately goes into your past. Prior to writing it it was in my future - and yours too. So when is it in our present? It seems to me that we all live on the cusp of the past and the future. The present hardly exists. So why are we so bothered about it?" I received this letter some while ago from Pete Perry in Stevenage. I am still not quite sure how to reply. Any ideas? Email
Meanwhile, Mick White from Hastings writes, "I bought two acres of the Moon a while ago - and I built a pub on it. But I had to close it down. There was no atmosphere!"


"A man, a plan, a canal, Panama!" Now read this backwards. It says the same thing. Some people are now getting very excited because today's date is also a "palindrome". Those who still wear digital watches are looking eagerly forward to tonight when it will be 20.02 on 20.02.2002. But in America - where they write the date differently, it is 02.20.2002 - which is not a palindrome at all.

Feedback Forum

A big thank you to everyone who wrote in after reading Tuesday's Thought for the Day regarding past, present and future. A selection of your thought-provoking replies will be posted later today in our Feedback Forum.

Astro News plus the Present Dilemma

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Earlier in the week, we had a letter from Pete - who was puzzled about the present. Karen Miller writes: The question is not when is it the present, but when is it ever NOT the present? The answer is... never! Charlene Halterman says "The past, provides insight that we may apply to the present. The future, no offence to your profession Jonathan, is something we cannot see. Therefore, the present is the only time that absolutely matters." Suzie Szabo says "We can truly experience the present when we are so happy that we don't wish for the future to come." She adds, "Perhaps that is why it is called the present - because it is a gift." And a reader called Sandi Maki offers us this thought. "If more people lived in the moment, there would be more happiness, spontaneity, and joy." We shall return to this topic... presently!

Inner werewolves and Match Made in Heaven

It is always in the period just prior to a Full Moon that people tend to start noticing their inner werewolves! This week's full Moon culminates on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, though we are close enough to it now to be feeling the impact already. If you don't trust yourself to behave well, keep yourself chained up.

Match Made in Heaven? S Club 7 couple
Paul Cattermole, Date of birth: 7/3/1977 - Pisces - "I'm a watery, imaginative Piscean."
Hannah Spearritt, Date Of Birth: 1/4/1981 - Aries - "I've got the Aries drive."
Pisces and Aries: Here, the most explosive of the fire signs meets the most fluid of the water signs. It's a combination that is likely to produce a lot of sizzle and steam. There is no doubting the strong attraction between these two but unless they can work out a way to really respect the dramatic differences between them, they may find this relationship a little exhausting as time goes by.


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