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January 1st to 5th 2002

The police and the snow!

THE STORY SO FAR. Just before Christmas, when our car got stuck in the snow, the kids and I had to walk home through dark country roads. At 3.30am, the police rang, telling me to move the car. But the roads had not been cleared. NOW READ ON: A little later, two officers knocked on my door. They drove me, in their land rover, back to my abandoned car. "Come on sir," they said, "We are sure you can shift it if you try." I tried. I couldn't. Eventually, they took pity on me. I sat in the passenger seat while the nice policeman climbed in, started the engine, backed us effortlessly out of the snowdrift - and took me all the way home at a steady 40mph, without further incident. My resolution for 2002? To take a course of advanced driving lessons!

New Year resolutions

How are you getting along with your new year's resolution? If you have managed to keep it so far, well done! If not, fear not. From an astrological point of view, new year is almost always an unlikely time for giving (or taking) things up. If you really, really want to, of course, you can succeed with a change of habit at any time... but if your will is weak, you stand a better chance of maintaining a resolution if you make it on your birthday... or on one of several other, more auspicious dates. As these vary from sign to sign - and from year to year, I shall make a point, this year of highlighting them as they arise.

Sticking to resolutions

If you have kept your new year resolution so far, you can keep it forever. Just get through the next few days by "intensifying your desire". Focus hard on what you really want, every time you find yourself wanting what you used to want. And, if you are giving something up, allow yourself a substitute. Most changes happen slowly, in stages. It is often necessary, when giving up a big habit, to replace it with another one - almost (but not quite) as bad. No signs face a cosmic climate that WON'T let allow change. Right now though, the signs MOST blessed with an ability to keep a promise to themselves are Capricorn and Pisces.

Real Zodiac Club - Astronews

My predictions for 2002 are now completely ready. The opening instalment will appear on Monday and then, throughout the week, we'll take a good look at your prospects for love, money and success. Despite the current, difficult cosmic climate, most of the news is surprisingly good. If you would like a deeper, additional insight, don't forget the new Real Zodiac Club - click on the Real Audio/Video link in the left hand frame.
Astro News today covers Behind the Signs, Astrofact plus a piece on Sikhism... enjoy.

Match made in heaven - Tom Cruise & Penelope Cruz

A Match Made in Heaven
Tom Cruise July 3, 1962 (Cancer), Syracuse, NY
Penelope Cruz April 28, 1974 (Taurus), Madrid
Tom is a Cancerian. Penelope is a Taurean. According to tradition, the two signs are made for each other. Re-assurance craving Cancerians find Taureans solid, dependable and patient. Power hungry Taureans find Cancerians respectful, supportive and acquiescent. It is not unheard of for Cancerians and Taureans to form an almost telepathic affinity - or to bond so closely they become joined at the hip. Will this relationship last forever? Of course. Although we perhaps should remember that this is a film star romance - and in Hollywood, forever is about half a decade.


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