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January 14th to 19th 2002


On Friday (in the Gemini forecast) I wrote "Scientists don't tend to believe in God." Yesterday, I received an email from Maureen in Massachusetts who writes; "Dear Jonathan, I work at Children's Hospital Boston with a bunch of medical researchers. Most of them are actually very religious. We have Roman Catholics, Greek Orthodox Christians, Russian Orthodox Christians, Reformed Jews, Orthodox Jews, just about every variety of Protestant (including Jehovah's Witnesses & Mormons), Hindus, Shintos, Buddhists, dozens of Muslims, three Wiccans, a practitioner of Voodoo, and at least one Druid. In my experience, scientists are far from the cold, emotionless people they are sometimes thought to be."

The railways

I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, especially when I make it my business to see the positive side of everything. I fear though, that the current wave of chaos in our railways has yet to reach full strength. We associate rail strikes and delays with Mercury, planet of transport and communication. Normally there is trouble whenever Mercury is retrograde (moving apparently backwards through the sky). Right now, Mercury is not even in this condition. It is merely moving sluggishly forward. That does not bode at all well for next week when it will indeed head into reverse for a three-week period.

Hairy Moon

A reader called Marea asks "I have heard that it is always best to cut your hair under the waning Moon. Is this true - and does the same apply to ALL hair... or should I wax under a waxing moon?" Dear Marea, When the Moon is getting bigger things grow more quickly. That's why lunar gardeners say that you should plant new seeds under a waxing Moon. They also say that if you want to prune a plant or mow your lawn, you should do it during the waning moon for then it will grow back less quickly and thickly. I am assured by my colleagues that the same applies to hair - although for obvious reasons (see picture) I don't know too much about this! Try it - and let us know if you notice a difference.

Driving blind

Ardeth in Edinburgh writes. "Dear Jonathan, some while ago you supplied a Personal forecast for my boyfriend, Alex. As I was reading it to him I noticed that it said how much he enjoys a challenge. This is true. He is very ambitious. I had to read his horoscope to him because he is blind. Despite this, it is his hope that one day he will be able to drive a Ferrari as fast as possible. Do you think his wish might ever come true?" Normally, when I make a prediction, I find out as much as I can about the matter in question. Only then, do I cast a chart to see what the sky has to say. I can't get that far here, because I just don't know whether it is physically feasible for Alex to fulfil his ambition. Are there places in the desert perhaps, where a person can drive in any direction for a few miles without hitting anything? If anyone knows about this sort of thing please drop me a line.

Scorpio gloom?

Site update: Astro News includes the latest on the New Planet plus a special feature on the Zodiac from Bernard Fitzwalter... enjoy.

Pat from North London writes; "I am a Scorpio and have had a less than peaceful 2001. I found your New Year predictions gloomy and disturbing, especially your suggestion that Scorpios now had to look forward to one of the most punishing periods in living history. I really don't think you should say such worrying things without considering first, the people who are going to read them. You of all people should know how sensitive Scorpios can be."
Dear Pat, Did I really say that? I am so, so sorry to have upset you. I was merely trying to alert you to a stressful few months ahead. But once this is over, your year looks set to be splendid. Exceptional. Wonderful. In future, shall I concentrate only on the good news?

Match Made in Heaven - Nigella Lawson & Charles Saatchi

A Match Made in Heaven
Nigella Lawson, Capricorn
Charles Saatchi Gemini
If you ask an astrologer to list their top ten zodiac love matches of all time, you are unlikely to find many citing Capricorn and Gemini. The two signs have little or nothing in common. They rarely "click". Nigella though, is no ordinary Capricorn. She is, or claims to be, a domestic goddess. Charles, meanwhile, is also a living legend; a giant amongst Geminis and a hero in the world of advertising. These two are not mere mortals like you and I - and they may, therefore, be immune to the usual cosmic rules. It IS, after all, possible to make this relationship work. It just takes a lot of effort.


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