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March 11th to March 16th 2002

Jonathan back

Many thanks to Bernard Fitzwalter for holding the fort so well last week. I know that most other astrologers don't take breaks in this way or, if they do, they just quietly get a ghostwriter to cover for them. I though, write all my own forecasts. I also know that if I don't take a break every so often I will lose perspective. So I just try to go away at times when the sky is comparatively quiet. I reckon my next chance for a little time off should come in early June, just after the Saturn/Pluto opposition - which is due to culminate in late May. Between now and then though, I think I had better stay at my desk!

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New comet Ikeya-zhang

First a new planet, then a new comet! So far, Ikeya-zhang, is just a small speck in the sky, visible only through binoculars. Within a few weeks though, we should all be able to see it with the naked eye and it may even be as bright as Hale-Bopp, which spectacularly graced our sky back in 1997. Hale-Bopp turned out to be a highly potent herald of change and early indications suggest that Ikeya-zhang (so called because it was discovered by Chinese astronomers) could be just as significant. It is currently heading backwards through the zodiac in the sign (not the constellation but the sign) of Taurus. More soon.

Site update: Astrology Answers tackles another reader's problem - the link's in the left hand frame.

Uri Geller's Psychic Challenge

Thank you to everyone who has joined in our fascinating new experiment - Uri Geller's Psychic Challenge. It's not too late to get involved, we'd love to hear from you and the results will be published on this website next Monday.

Air travel safety

"Dear Jonathan, Some while ago you answered a letter from a reader who had been told by an astrologer not to travel at the end of May. You said it was perfectly safe and that you were planning to fly at that time. On Monday though, you said you would not be taking your next break until June. Have you changed your mind for a reason that we should all know about? Carol Giffen."
Dear Carol, I have not changed my plans. I will not leave this page till the Saturn/Pluto conjunction is over - but I will still be travelling by air at the end of May - even though it will then be at its peak. You should feel perfectly free to do the same.

Clarify the comet plus Astronews with Nick Kollerstrom

Many thanks to Ian Smith who e-mailed me after I announced the new comet on Tuesday. He points out that I got my information back to front. The comet is now in Aries and will not enter Taurus until March 27. I stand corrected (in the corner with a dunce cap on my head!) As I stand there though, I keep wondering what this comet is here to tell us. The last one, Hale Bopp, appeared just a few months before the death of Princess Diana. But comets are not always the heralds of bad news or sad news. My respected colleague, Nick Kollerstrom, points out that this new one is becoming visible just at the start of the Muslim New Year. He sees this as auspicious for the whole world. I do too. Click here for Astro News where you can read more of his thoughts.

Match Made in Heaven? Anna Kournikova & Enrique Inglesias

Happy New Year. On Wednesday, at 7.16pm, the Sun will enter Aries - and a new celestial cycle will start. Just for good measure, spring will officially begin - and the day will be exactly as long as the night.Anna Kournikova (b. June 7, 1981) Gemini & Enrique Iglesias (b. May 8, 1975) Taurus
Do Taurus and Gemini have as much in common as chalk and cheese? Oh no! Chalk and cheese both begin with a Ch - while these two zodiac signs have far less to link them! There's an initial attraction and a tense dynamic that can be sexy - but there will only be a lasting match if both partners are determined to make it work - against the odds!


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