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May 20th to May 25th 2002

Here and now...

While we were having our big discussion about the past, the present and the future, many readers were interested in the "here and now". What is it and how can you live in it? After all, this "here and now" will, in just a second or two, be a there and then! Denise Macgregor writes, "I think that gratitude is the key to remaining conscious of the present. I say thank you all the time - to my computer, my car and of course, my family and friends. Even events which may not seem particularly pleasing contain a learning opportunity to be grateful for." I agree with her about everything... apart from the bit about the computer.

The World Cup prediction

Back in January I predicted a bumper year for Arsenal. I also said that England would come tantalisingly close to victory in the World Cup. Several people have asked me to qualify this. Seeing the future is a little like trying to watch a football match from outside the stadium. By attaching springs to your boots you can jump up and down and catch a glimpse of the action over the wall. But you have to be careful - if you happen to bounce up at the wrong moment, you can easily get the wrong impression. On the football front, all I can add to my earlier prediction is that we are going to do well and, at the risk of sounding like Meg, the letters A and I are going to be very significant in the final.

Staying in the here and now...

Dear Jonathan,
The key to staying in the here and now is to suspend judgement & expectation. When you judge, you are relating to the past. When you expect you are relating to the future. After all, what is expectation but a projected judgement? Without either there is plenty of room for Now to breathe. The hard part is remembering to apply this."
Maya Dexter, Clementon, New Jersey, USA

Dear Maya,
To me, this seems like a very fair point. I am sure that one day, everyone will see things this way. Oh, whoops!

The asteroid belt

"Dear Jonathan, I have always been puzzled by the asteroid belt. Most people seem to think that it was once a planet that somehow broke up into lots of tiny pieces. But if the planets each represent a different aspect of human behaviour - what part of us did the asteroid belt planet represent? And what are we to conclude from the fact that it is no longer there? Best wishes, Geoff Marsh"
Dear Geoff,
Now that's what I call a very good question. Hmmm. What qualities seem to be missing from human nature these days? Well I can think of plenty, but it strikes me that we have an ideal chance to ask for feedback - Send in your suggestions please (with subject heading: human nature)

Saturn's opposition to Pluto plus Astronews

This is a big weekend. It brings the culmination of Saturn’s opposition to Pluto and it also brings the Full Moon in Sagittarius. That’s gloriously appropriate. Whenever a film-maker wants to play on our fear – or to imply imminent excitement – they slip in a shot of a fat Full Moon. Our protagonists get to end their battle against this backdrop. The Saturn/Pluto opposition has been about one thing – and one thing only. Fear. Right now, for their coup de grace, they are offering us the thought of nuclear war between India and Pakistan. It won’t happen. Soon, the fear will start to fade, as these two planets will pull further apart.
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Match made in heaven - Gisele Bundchen & Leonardo di Caprio

Since the middle of last year, Saturn and Pluto have been locked in cosmic combat opposing one another across the sky. This once every 35 year alignment is notorious for producing tension. This week it culminates for the third and final time after which, the world should become a more peaceful place.

Match Made In Heaven - Gisele Bundchen (b. July 20, 1980) Cancer and Leonardo di Caprio (b. November 11, 1974) Scorpio
Cancer and Scorpio famously make an ideal cosmic combination. There is, however, one slight drawback to this planetary pairing. Because the two signs are so well-matched, the magnetism can be greater than the rapport. Canceriuans like Scorpios so much that almost any Scorpio will do as a partner - and vice versa. Let's hope that this is not the case here.


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