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November 25th to November 30th 2002

Drug addiction

I have never taken heroin, but I do know what it is like to have an uncontrollable drug addiction. I was a smoker for 28 years. When I didn’t have cigarettes, I simply could not function. I really did not think that I would ever have the strength to give up. And so… to Kaz, shivering and starving in her shop doorway – oblivious to all but the need to satisfy her desperate daily craving. And so… to us all – blithely polluting the air, the land, the sea – and our own bodies because we simply cannot wean ourselves off our endless filthy gasoline-guzzling habit.

What is the ruler of a sign?

Dear Jonathan,
Often in your forecast, you talk about the ‘ruler of my sign’. Can you please explain what this term really means? David (Aquarius)
Dear David,
Of course you want to know. You are an Aquarian – so you hate to feel that there is anything in the world that you do not fully understand! The principle is simple. Every sign is like a land with its own special ‘king’ or ‘queen’. That king, queen or ‘ruler’ is a planet. When we want to know what’s happening to the land, we look to see where the ruler is and what it is doing.
How to stop smoking?

Dear Jonathan,
So just how DID you manage to stop smoking? I’m trying to do this at the moment and I am finding it hard.” Elizabeth
Dear Elizabeth,
First, I decided that I truly wanted to stop. Then, I promised myself that, even if it took many attempts, I would keep on going. Next, I forced myself to like nicotine chewing gum. It may not suit you but I found, if I used enough of this stuff, that it really kept the craving at bay. After a year, I switched to ordinary gum. Now, I hardly chew at all. Good luck!
Stopping heroin

It is much harder to quit heroin than to give up smoking. Even if you put yourself through the painful process of withdrawal, you still have to resist the urge to start again. After I met Kaz, last week, I did some research. Rehabilitation centres are pricey and busy. Official budgets are being cut back so even addicts who are lucky enough to be offered help can be waiting a year for it. Kaz told me her habit was costing £20 a day. By begging and sleeping on the street, she could just about keep it up. The daily cost of long-term treatment is at least three times that.
Plain talking and fast selling? Plus Astronews looks to the sky...

Dear Jonathan,
Why not just say exactly what you mean... and stop making your readers call an expensive number to find out more? A fan.
Dear Fan,
I am sorry if those daily reminders annoy you, but I promise, I never hold back news just so I can sell it on the phone. Nor do I ever say something vague here and then explain it on the line. I speak just as I write. In metaphors. I talk fast on the phone because I know the calls are not cheap. But readers who treat themselves to the occasional luxury of a detailed in-depth forecast spend no more than they would on coffee and cake in a cafe. Meanwhile, the bread and butter is always right here on this page every day.
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Birthdays this week - Ozzy Osbourne

This week brings a new moon in Sagittarius on the very day that Jupiter, ruler of this sign, stands still. For all who have hope and all who believe in justice, this is potentially a wonderful time.

Birthdays this week: Ozzy Osbourne, who turns 54 on Tuesday, is like most Sagittarians in that he couldn’t care less what others think of him. People born under this sign are incorrigible adventurers who will try almost anything once, especially if someone tells them it is impossible!
Happy birthday also to Woody Allen, 67 tomorrow and Pamela Stephenson, 52 on Wednesday.


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