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October 21st to October 26th 2002

Global conflict

Dear Jonathan, Last Monday you wrote “Jupiter’s sharp link to Saturn should now begin to lose strength and the fear of global conflict should also begin to recede soon.” Yet that same weekend brought those terrible events in Bali. David
Dear David, That Jupiter/Saturn link also involved Mars, the planet of attack and aggression. The tragedy in Bali took place right at the very point when it all culminated. This makes me all the more sure that the future (which contains no such awkward alignment for quite some while to come) is due to be lighter, not darker.

Discovering planets

"Dear Jonathan, Last week, you said that none of the outer planets should represent any emotion, item or process that existed prior to their discovery. But surely, the planets existed before we discovered them...” Cath.
Dear Cath, To say if something exists before it has been discovered, you probably have to consult a theoretical physicist or a philosopher (both professions are very similar these days). But even if those planets did exist, they only became relevant to us AFTER we found them. Thus, they can only symbolise things which were turning up for the very first time in history around the same time they were. Soon, I will (try to) explain what I mean by this.
The puritanical full moon

Dear Jonathan, On Friday you gave an A to Z of the ‘less desirable’ effects of the Full Moon. These, you said, included naughtiness, lust, passion and X-rated behaviour. What’s so bad about that? Sincerely, Maria PS: I was born in Transylvania (honestly!) What’s wrong with vampires?
Dear Maria, Did I really say that? Oh dear, I must have been suffering from a little full moon tension myself. The moon, famously, exacerbates a puritanical streak in some people. Prejudice can also be intensified at such a time. I apologise profusely to any vampire readers I may have upset with my careless remarks.
Planets existing

Dear Jonathan,
How can anyone say those new planets didn’t exist before we discovered them? They’ve been out there in space all along and they’ll continue to be there, regardless of whether we’re aware of their existence or not. Would anyone say that gravity didn’t exist before Newton discovered it? Emily (Aquarius)
Dear Emily,
No. Of course not. Sorry. (This is how you should always talk to a cross Aquarian). I was only trying to suggest that, from an astrological point of view, distant planets don’t “matter” to us until we become aware of them. They don’t exert a “physical pull”. Their power is purely symbolic. And you can’t be affected by a symbol until you know of its existence.
Discovering new planets plus Astronews looks at the power of new planets...

Isn’t it true that events BEFORE a planet was discovered can point us towards that new planet’s meaning? Eddie, London
Dear Eddie,
Maybe. If the events are JUST before. New planets are discovered whenever drastic new realities emerge. Uranus turned up just as humans flew for the first time. Neptune coincided with the emergence of photography. Pluto came along just as we split the atom. I associate these planets with those ‘new powers’ and find it very hard to see how they can suddenly start to govern things that have been around for ages. So while I agree with most of my colleague Bernard Fitzwalter’s article in Astronews today... I argue with his assertion that Pluto rules money!
This is a little embarrassing. I am currently developing a new horoscope text messaging program. Recently, I decided to subscribe to some existing services to see where they might be improved. So, I, er… um… signed up to (UK astrologer) Mystic Meg’s daily zodiac alert! Never mind what I thought of her messages, I could now no longer get a lie-in ever again. First thing every morning, she was making my mobile beep. I quickly tried to cancel. But it seems I can’t. I just don’t know how. Nor, apparently does my phone company. I have tried everything I can think of but she still won’t leave me alone. Does anyone have any ideas?
Match Made in Heaven? Kate Lawler & Spencer Smith

A Match Made in Heaven? Kate Lawler (b. May 7, 1980) Taurus and Spencer Smith (b. July 13, 1979) Cancer
Astrologers get excited when they see Taureans forming partnerships with Cancerians. They know the odds of success are greater with this cosmic combination than with most others. There is, of course, no guarantee of a happy-ever-after. But it is much more likely that they will have a long, enjoyable time working out whether or not they are really made for each other.


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