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September 9th to September 14th 2002

"Help, I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!"

I only ever watched one episode of "Help, I¹m a celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!" (a TV programme being shown currently in the UK which involves celebrities surviving in the Australian rainforest). It was the one in which Uri ate the bugs. Like him and Tony Blackburn too, I am a strict vegetarian. Would I have done the same if I had been in Uri¹s position? I really don¹t know. But I did feel proud of Uri because I knew WHY he was being so brave. Of course, partly, he was doing it to help his fellow inmates get better food but mainly, it was because of his burning desire to win money for Children With Aids. Charity is very important to Uri. Sadly though, the Mirror¹s TV coverage didn¹t show much charity to him. At last, on Uri's page today, you can read HIS side of the story... the Uri Geller link is in the left hand frame.


Saturn is famous today for its rings. Previously its main distinguishing feature was the slow pace at which it moves through the heavens. It marks time for the other planets and is often considered the harbinger of old age or death. In Greek mythology Saturn was Kronos, god of time. In your chart, Saturn describes your ‘inner braking system’, your limitations, fears and barriers. The things you are afraid of, and the way in which you seek to provide structure, discipline and restraint in your environment. Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius. Also, traditionally, Saturn rules agriculture, archaeology, architecture, bones, cattle, civil service, death, fatigue, history, land, leather, minerals, monogamy, monotony, obstacles, old age, perseverance, Saturday, self-control, time, twilight, underground, widows and yesteryear.
Intense opposition of Saturn and Pluto

This time last year we were all under the influence of an intense opposition between Saturn and Pluto. This rare, once every 35-year, alignment is notorious for creating a climate of fear. By an intriguing coincidence, today brings the culmination of another rare opposition between Jupiter and Neptune, who only face each other across the sky once a decade. Traditionally, when these two planets combine, wild ideas emerge and exciting visions arise. The aspect though, is far more ‘benign’. It brings inspiration and new hope. Today’s forecasts explain how it may be affecting you personally. And how will it affect the world? Much less dramatically than current events in the news might lead us to think.
The Sun

The power of the Sun is self-evident. It gives us light, warmth and energy. It has been worshipped, revered and respected. It’s not surprising that almost every culture associates the Sun with a strong, dominant and confident personality. In your chart, the Sun describes your simple childlike nature; what you’re like when you are not pretending to be responsible, important or impressive. The way you naturally respond to life and the things you’d like to get out of it. The Sun rules Leo. Traditionally, the Sun also rules: children, citrus fruit, coins, daytime, emperors, fatherhood, gambling, gold, health, jewellery, laughter, lions, peacocks, pomp, popularity, pride, prosperity, royalty, simplicity, spotlights, stardom, Sundays, the colour orange, and the heart.
The Moon plus Astronews

The Sun is the King of the Day and the Moon is the Queen of the Night. She pulls the oceans and her movements govern the reproductive cycles of all living things. For this reason most cultures have ascribed to her the personality of Mother Goddess. In your chart, the Moon describes your emotional nature. The way you respond to problems, threats and difficulties. The things you yearn for and the way you yearn for them. Your attitude towards your mother and towards your progeny. The Moon rules Cancer. It also, traditionally, rules boats, breasts, childbirth, the common people, dairies, fermentation, fluids, insanity, mariners, Mondays, nursing, plumbers, reproduction, silver, stomach, tears and water.
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Match Made in Heaven? Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias

The Moon will not be ‘fully full’ until this time next week but with each passing day it waxes closer to cosmic completion. The sense of astrological anticipation will be vaguely similar to the atmosphere before a thunderstorm. If you have something to hide, you will soon find it difficult to disguise.
A Match Made in Heaven?
Anna Kournikova (b. June 7, 1981) Gemini and Enrique Iglesias (b. May 8, 1975) Taurus
It sounds almost too good to be true. Two of the most loved and lusted-after celebrities forming a game, set and match of their own. Taurus and Gemini, it must be said, don’t always work well together. In theory, he may find her flighty, while she could see him as stuffy. But here it may take a surprisingly long time for the novelty to wear off.


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