Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

April 1st to April 5th 2003

Telepathic children and dolphins

I am told that telepathic, sometimes telekinetic children are starting to be born into families all over the world. Some are disabled, others not. All though, can reach out with their thoughts to one another, sensitive adults... and dolphins. The dolphins, apparently, are concerned about tension on our planet. They feel the best way to reduce it is not through protest but love. They would like us all today, at 4pm GMT (UK 5.00pm; Washington, 11.00am; California 8.00am) today, to spend 15 minutes directing warmth and forgiveness towards our world leaders. This will help to heal their hurt ‘inner children’ and make wiser choices.
Beaming love, warmth, and forgiveness

I dutifully joined in with yesterday’s effort to beam love and warmth to all world leaders. It doesn’t seem to have made a difference yet but I am sure the Dolphins and the psychic children are right to say we should keep trying. Even when we hear about stupid deaths through “friendly fire” or tragic attacks on innocent civilians, we ought to turn our outrage into forgiveness. Because anger only creates more anger; just as fear creates more fear; and violence, more violence. Whereas love...
Cetacean friends politically neutral

Dolphins have been helping to detect mines in the Gulf. But I am reliably informed that, despite this, they are politically neutral - rather like the Swiss in World War II. According to the psychic children, our Cetacean friends have two messages for us. They say the people of our world stand at the brink of an incredible awakening. The dolphins and whales are due to play a critical role in this. They would also like ships to use less “Low Frequency Sonar”. It gives them headaches.
Psychic children

Several people have asked who the psychic children actually ARE. But I figure, if you are a young person with true psychic powers, the last thing you want is the world beating a path to your door. Anyway, it is not as if we are talking about a club with members. A Psychic child is any child with deep intuition. There are many. Although, when brought up by folk who think violence is an acceptable way to stop violence, most swiftly lose their sensitivity.
Jupiter's change of direction

As Jupiter’s change of direction begins to take effect we should detect a change of mood across the globe. Soon, there will be more hope, more faith and more forgiveness.

Happy Birthday!
Russell Crowe, (born April 7, 1964) People born under Aries are impulsive, excitable and hot-headed. They speak when they ought to keep their mouth shut. They create trouble just for the sake of it. Unless of course they happen to be exceptions to the rule. Meek, mild sweet innocent beings, like er… um… Hollywood pussycat Russell Crowe, who turns 39 on Monday!
Happy birthday also this week to: Today April 5; Agnetha Faltskog (53), Jane Asher (57), Arthur Hailey (83), Colin Powell (66), Tomorrow April 6; Andre Previn (74), Ram Dass (72), Monday April 7; Ravi Shankar (83), Francis Coppola (64), David Frost (64), Jackie Chan (49), Tuesday April 8; Kofi Annan (65), Julian Lennon (40), Wednesday April 9; Hugh Hefner (77), Dennis Quaid (49), Rachel Stevens (25), Thursday April 10; Steven Seagal (52), Omar Sharif (71), Friday April 11; Joel Grey (71).


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