Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

April 7th to April 12th 2003

Mars, Pisces, and doves

Dear Jonathan,
In June, Mars enters Pisces where it stays until the end of the year. As a fellow astrologer, I am surprised that your take on this is so negative. I associate this sign with healing and I foresee doves of peace.
- Janice, California

Dear Janice,
In August, the blood-red war planet will be brighter in the sky than ever before in history. And Pisces also governs navies, dreams, delusions, ideals, fanatical beliefs... and oil! So while I agree that the doves are on their way, I fear they may take a little longer to arrive.
Takoma, the bottlenose dolphin

Takoma, the bottlenose dolphin, has been helping the Navy to find mines in the gulf. Last week, he vanished. Was this an act of desertion or defiance? We are now told that 48 hours later, he turned up again. But what if the authorities just substituted another dolphin? They must, after all, have been keen to stop others from following Takoma’s lead. I intend to keep probing the matter until I get some answers. I shall try to get someone to ask the psychic children. I may even cast a horoscope.
Mixed signals in Iraq

I don’t know his date of birth and I’m not sure, that even if he gave it to me I could believe him. Iraq’s Minister of Information Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf has the air of a man who’s relationship with reality is flexible! Not, of course, that he’s the only official in this conflict to have been sending out mixed signals. I suspect I have seen a similar shifty look in the eye of Mr Rumsfeld from time to time. But then truth is always the first casualty of war. Yet there is something much more intriguing about Mr al-Sahaf. I rather think I read the body language of a man who is intelligent enough to see the irony of his situation. Every time he talks I feel more convinced than ever that Saddam Hussein is now a very long way from Iraq. And that our friend Mohammed knows this. He must also know that the game is up the moment he says so.
Predictions about war

A few weeks ago I made some specific predictions about the progress of the war. So far, they have all come true. At the same time, I made a further forecast – involving another war in another part of the world which would be spurred on by the ‘success’ in Iraq. I really hope that I turn out to have made a false prophecy. This is the 21st century. We are humans, not animals. Can’t we all just grow up and find some less barbaric way to right wrongs?
Was the war right or wrong?

The war in Iraq began just after the last Full Moon. Next week, the Moon will be full once more, this time in the sign of the scales. That’s fitting, for we have a lot to weigh up. Was the war right or wrong? Or must we all now concede that the distinctions between ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ are not always clear cut. If people are starting to recognise THAT, perhaps there is yet hope for a better, more enlightened world.
Full Moon and Mars

Wednesday’s Full Moon forms a rare right-angle to Mars – the planet of War. It is now bright in the sky – and due to go brighter still as it starts to come closer to Earth than ever in the last 73,000 years. Expect more conflict – but also more hope.

Happy Birthday!
Robert Carlyle, (Aries born April 14, 1961) Robert Carlyle, who turns 42 on Monday, sprang to fame as the cheeky chancer who dared to bare in The Full Monty. The part must have been close to his heart – for people born under Aries are naturally good at getting new things going, and they know no fear! He continues to play challenging parts, and, like all who share his sign – he has a bright future.
Happy birthday also this week to: Today April 12; David Cassidy (53) and David Letterman (56), Tomorrow April 13; Al Green (57), Monday April 14; Sarah Michelle Gellar (26), Julie Christie (62) and Alan Price (62), Tuesday April 15; Samantha Fox (37), Wednesday April 16; Peter Ustinov (82) and Ellen Barkin (48), Thursday April 17; Victoria Beckham (29), Friday April 18; Melissa Joan Hart (27), Jane Leeves (40) and Hayley Mills (57).


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