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Friday January 3rd 2002 - Tuning into the planets by Bernard Fitzwalter

Reader Dianne Barrie from Fife wrote in just before Christmas to ask what the full moon in Gemini (on 19 December last) would actually mean to a Gemini like herself. Good question. The astrological theory is that since the moon is the fastest mover of all the planets, racing through all twelve signs in four weeks, it gathers up the influences and energies of the other planets as it passes them and transfers that influence to people whose own birth charts happen to chime in with the moon’s position at the time. The high points of this cycle are the new and full moons; the full moon, in particular, is when all planetary influences are supposed to be at their highest, so if anything is going to happen, it should be then. At the moment, Saturn is in Gemini, so what happens is that the moon takes Saturn’s influence as it passes through Gemini and bounces it down to Earth where it will be picked up by anyone tuned to that sign’s wavelength, so to speak – in other words, any Gemini. People from the opposite sign, Sagittarius, will pick up a fainter version, as will people from the other air signs, Libra and Aquarius.

What this means for Dianne and all other Geminis is that she’s picking up Saturn loud and clear, whether she wants to or not. Saturn has a reputation for being bad news, but actually it depends on what you’re trying to do. He makes things permanent and lasting – so it’s a good time to be starting a new job, perhaps, but a bad time to be getting into debt. As always, it’s about making the best use of the moment.

This month’s new moon was yesterday, and the full moon is on January 18. If the new or full moon in any month falls on your birthday, it promises a very eventful year ahead. This happens only once every 19 years, so if it applies to you and you want to know what to expect, think back to what happened last time – if you’re old enough – and you should get some clues.

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