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Still feel the new year hasnít really started?
Me too. And with good astrological reason.

Mercury is now moving backwards in Capricorn. When Mercury starts going backwards we all hit snags to be sorted out before we can move on. The key phase is when Mercury in reverse meets the Sun going forwards; it sounds like a traffic accident, but actually itís a good thing Ė itís the point at which the fault is identified. Then itís a question of putting everything back together the right way, and moving on. That key point happened last weekend, and Mercury turns to go forward next Thursday, so weíre now in the fault-fixing and re-assembly phase, and weíll be back on the road soon.

Another reason we donít feel the year has got going yet is that most planets are still in the signs they were in at the end of 2002. We need Mars, the planet which provides the push for most big things, to move out of sexy but secretive Scorpio, and into bright and breezy Sagittarius. Happily, that happens today, and indeed by the time you read this it will already have done so.
Hooray! 2003 gets moving at last.

This week the Sun has been rising alongside the star which forms the left eye of the goat of Capricorn. Ancient authors believed this signified treachery or deception. Expect another political scandal.

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