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It’s Australia Day on Sunday.
But why January 26? Because on that date in 1788 the state of New South Wales was founded.

It was the birthdate of modern Australia. So Australia’s horoscope has the Sun in Aquarius and so on. Australia has a lot of planets in air signs, so anyone astrologically airy will enjoy the friendly, open, airy Australian attitude to life. The same goes for any place which matches your own sign. England, by the way, is Capricorn; Scotland is Cancerian. Wales is supposedly Gemini; and nobody has dared assign a sign to Ireland – though I reckon Pisces would suit it well. The United States is Cancerian, of course, born of the Fourth of July. Old astrology books say the best thing to do to improve your life is to move to a town whose horoscope aligns with yours; it helps you make more of your innate talents and doesn’t hold you back. Like gardening, really; some plants do better in dry soil, some prefer lots of water. So plant yourself where you know conditions suit you, then you can grow and prosper.

This week the Sun has been rising at the same time as Sadalsuud, a star whose name means ‘luckiest of the lucky’. It is noted in every culture from Babylon to China as a bringer of good fortune. And also a bringer of ‘soft, persistent rain’. Well, at least it isn’t snow.

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