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Friday March 14th 2003 - edited by Bernard Fitzwalter

This week in Astro News:
~ Uranus in Pisces ~
~ AstroDiary ~

The last two Uranus-in-Pisces periods were both marked by severe financial depressions.

Anyone expecting Uranusí change of sign to perk up sagging investments shouldnít get their hopes up just yet.

If you want to know what a planet coming into a sign is going to mean for the world, then have a look at what happened last time and see if there are any links to the present day. Astrologers have been doing this for centuries, the idea being that if you watch what happens when a planet is in a particular sign, then after a few dozen repetitions you should have some idea of whatís in store.

With the outer planets, though, itís not so easy. Uranus is in Pisces now; so all we have to do is look at what happened last time Uranus was in Pisces and we will know what to expect, yes? Not quite. Uranus takes 84 years to go round the heavens, and since it was discovered in 1781 this is only the third time we have known it has been in Pisces, which doesnít give us much to go on. Its previous dips into the Fishes were from 1835-43, and 1919-27; it all seems a very long time ago, and itís hard to draw parallels between then and now.

Of course, you could argue that there have been many other occasions when Uranus has been in Pisces, when we didnít know that it was there. Maybe they will give us an idea of what to expect. Quite true, but that opens up another question which astrologers love to argue about when they meet: do you have to be aware of the planet for it to have an influence on you? Hmm.

ASTRODIARY with Adam Smith

Monday (March 17): Astrology In Yer Face, Jenni Harte, 7pm.
Astrological Lodge, London.

Tuesday (March 18): The Aries ingress Ė discussion.
Suffolk Astrological Society, 7.45pm (£3).

Please double-check with the organisation before attending any events listed here - we cannot accept any responsibility for events changed/cancelled.

Are you holding an astrological event - especially one outside London!! - that you would like others to know about?
Send your diary events to Adam at with subject heading: Astro Events with website links.
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Researcher Seeking Assistance

Graham Douglas is carrying out research into possible astrological relationships between the births of siblings in the same family. He is looking for sets of birth data for complete sets of brothers and sisters
of any age. If you are able to help please include date, time and place of birth, gender of the child,
and (if known) whether or not the birth was natural or induced in any way.
A report of the findings will be sent to anyone who requests it, when the investigation is completed.
The email address to contact is Many Thanks for your help.

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