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Friday April 25th 2003 - edited by Bernard Fitzwalter

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Castor and Pollux have long been supposed to look after ships and are particularly associated with storms at sea. The ship which took St Paul to Malta was named Castor and Pollux, and probably had the twins as its figurehead. Itís all in the Bible (Acts 28.11)

The best time to see your own zodiac sign is three months before your birthday. Around the time of your birthday, you canít see it because the sun is too bright. If you wait until the sun sets then your sign will have set as well, and you wonít see it. But about three months before your birthday, just after sunset, your sign will be high and bright in the south-west. Over the coming months I want to show you how to find your sign. Two weeks ago, when looking for Mercury, we spotted Taurus near Orion. Now itís Geminiís turn. Look west after sunset. The top of Orion is slipping below the horizon, taking Taurus with him. Above Orion, directly west, exactly halfway between the horizon and the sky overhead, you will find two bright stars side by side, a few finger-widths apart. These are Castor, on the right, and Pollux, the Gemini twins. These stars are the heads of the boys; their bodies are fainter stars below them, as far down as Orion. The whole constellation is roughly rectangular.

Many legends are attached to these two. Pollux was immortal, the son of Zeus and Leda, but Castor was not. Both are associated with fame, but with Pollux you may be notorious rather than famous. Which kind of Gemini are you?

ASTRODIARY with Adam Smith

Saturday (April 26): Suffolk Astrological Society. Horary Judgement Workshop, Sue Ward.

Sunday (April 27): Bedford Astrology Club. Jupiter with Richard Swatton.

Monday (April 28): Astrological Lodge of London. Toys of the Cosmos, Claire Simms.

Tuesday (April 29): Faculty of Astrological Studies. Diploma Module Ten: Advanced Interpretation.

Please double-check with the organisation before attending any events listed here - we cannot accept any responsibility for events changed/cancelled.

Are you holding an astrological event - especially one outside London!! - that you would like others to know about?
Send your diary events to Adam at with subject heading: Astro Events with website links.
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