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Friday May 2nd 2003 - edited by Bernard Fitzwalter

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A couple of weeks ago, Iraq’s political groups met to discuss future plans. The following day Eastern European countries signed the treaty to create an enlarged EU next year. What was going on in the heavens? Venus, bringer of peace and harmony, was exactly between Saturn and Pluto – a real effort at peacemaking, actually written in the stars! The moon was in Libra, the sign which tries to see the view from both sides. I love it when astrology works like this...

Most of us are familiar with the idea of a birthchart, the map of the sky that shows the beginning of a life; but horoscopes can have an end as well as a beginning. One chart which has come to an end recently is that of Iraq. Pluto has reached the position of Saturn in the Iraqi national horoscope. And, as regular readers will know, Pluto and Saturn together brings political upheaval and destruction. So, does a nation without a horoscope have no future? Not quite, but it is in a sort of limbo, awaiting the start of a new chapter. When a new government is installed, or a new constitution agreed, then the chart for that moment will become the new national horoscope, and the nation will take the course it describes. The timing of a new constitution should receive at least as much care as its content, if not more; but of course politicians never pay any attention to this, with the usual catastrophic results.

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