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Friday May 23rd 2003 - edited by Bernard Fitzwalter

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If you canít see the Beehive, on an otherwise clear night, it means a storm coming. The ancient Greeks discovered this, and modern meteorology confirms that itís to do with disturbances in the upper atmosphere, too fine to see, but enough to blur your view of the star cluster.

In our series on the zodiac signs in the night sky, it's time to look at the constellation of Cancer.

Face exactly west at about 10.30pm. Straight ahead is Jupiter, clear and bright. The stars of Cancer are right next to him. Next year he will have moved on, as planets do, and you wonít be able to find Cancer so easily! Cancer is a surprisingly dim constellation, with no really bright stars to help you spot it. Just to the right and down a bit from Jupiter youíll see a little star (a very big one, actually, but an unimaginable distance away) called the Southern Ass. Thereís another above it, on the same level as Jupiter, called the Northern Ass. This pair of donkeys was important to the ancient world because the Southern Ass is exactly on the path the sun takes. Years ago the day when the sun and the donkey star coincided marked midsummer. Just right of Jupiter and the donkeys, you may see a vague cloudy patch, actually a cluster of hundreds of stars, zillions of miles away. Many myths are attached to this area, known as either the Manger, or the Beehive. Some said it was the gate through which souls came to earth to be bornÖ

ASTRODIARY with Adam Smith

Saturday (May 24): Manchester Astrology Group Conference.
Vinus and the state of a world at war, Melanie Reinhart & Jamie Macphail (0161 226 5481).

Wednesday (May 28): Company of Astrologers: Is the Connection Real?
Geoffrey Cornelius & David Lewin. (

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