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August 4th to August 9th 2003

MONDAY August 4
Neptune comment - Bernard Fitzwalter, Guest Astrologer

Jonathan is on holiday and will be back at the end of the week. Today’s guest writer is Jonathan’s long-time friend and colleague BERNARD FITZWALTER. Bernard, from Cirencester, Gloucestershire, writes astrology columns in major magazines around the globe. He is a regular contributor to special features on this page.

Bernard Fitzwalter writes: Today the Sun is opposite Neptune, though you’ll have to take my word for it since you can’t see it without a telescope. Neptune signifies all liquids, including rain, but it was only discovered in 1846, so how did astrologers manage before then? The short answer is that they used Jupiter, but either will do. Our lives now are far more complex than they were two hundred years ago, and our language is constantly changing, evolving new words as needed. Astrology, too, is a language, and adds new vocabulary as needed to help make sense of our changing world. Using Neptune in horoscopes is a part of that.

TUESDAY August 5
Left-handedness comment - Nick Campion, Guest Astrologer

Jonathan is away and will back at the end of the week. Today’s guest writer is NICK CAMPION, who has been fascinated by the night sky ever since he was five years old and heard the crooner Perry Como sing, ‘Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket’. Details of his books and on-line birth charts are at his web site

Nick Campion writes: Sometimes the latest discoveries about the universe are awesome - like the recent announcement that the number of stars in the universe is 7 followed by twenty-two noughts - more than all the grains of sand in all the deserts and beaches on earth. But here’s a more light-hearted discovery: could left-handedness be normal? Perhaps it could! We have just found out that certain chemicals which are the basis of life have a ‘left-handed signature’ and that these atoms seem to have come either from passing comets or from dim and distant galaxies. Some astronomers say that the whole universe is left-handed!

Neptune' Influence - Adam Smith, Guest Astrologer

Jonathan is away and will be back on Friday. Today’s guest writer is ADAM SMITH, astrologer for Spirit magazine in the UK and many journals around the world. His first book will soon be released and he can be contacted via his website:

Adam Smith writes: The Sun is opposite Neptune today, more or less, giving a hazy, mystical influence. One of the recently discovered outer planets, nebulous Neptune rules, in no particular order: drink, drugs, dream states, poetry, mediumship, vampires and unrequited love. Something of Neptune’s character can be inferred from the fact it was mistaken for another planet several times before it was finally nailed down and mapped at the Berlin Observatory in 1846. Presently in Aquarius, Neptune also rules infinity and is implicated in the rise of the Internet, a living, boundless technological web holding humanity together.

The Skies are a Cosmic Clock - Yasmin Boland, Guest Astrologer

Jonathan returns from holiday tomorrow. Today’s guest writer is YASMIN BOLAND, author of Cosmic Love, a pocket-sized book about using the ‘ologies’ (astrology, feng shui, crystals and more) to draw love to you. Read Yasmin’s daily Moon Meditations on her website: Her horoscope forecast books for 2004 will be released in September.

Yasmin Boland writes: One theory about ‘why astrology works’ is that the skies are a cosmic clock with the planets moving around the clockface, sometimes stalling, sometimes even appearing to go backwards. Thus the planets don’t force us, rather they hint about what the time may be right for. Today’s Venus/Neptune opposition under the fiery Sagittarius Moon suggests it’s time to: enjoy true love, get confused about love, get drunk on love or drunk with a lover, allow money to mess with our minds, be inspired by love or money, refuse to face facts about love or money and/or allow our hearts to be touched.

FRIDAY August 8
The Big Green Gathering

I'm back. I would like to thank the team of excellent astrologers who stood in for me during my break. While I was away, I went camping at the Big Green Gathering; a meeting place for people with an interest in alternative lifestyles from all over the world. I struck up some fascinating conversations with a team of craft workers who had come all the way from Byron Bay. And I also met a man who he is about to tour Britain in a car that runs entirely on vegetable oil. . His name is Daniel Blackburn and I quizzed him carefully about this. "Ordinary vegetable oil? The kind you fry chips in?"

"Absolutely," he replied "Straight from the supermarket."
"But you can't just pour it into your tank can you?"

Daniel looked at me with the air of a man who is used to dealing with unbelievers. "Well," he said, "It only works in diesel engines and you do have to make a few adjustments first - but whether you choose to tweak your engine or tweak the oil, it¹s not very expensive or difficult."

At this point, I began to get rather excited and Daniel stood patiently while I unleashed a stream of questions. Here, roughly speaking, are his answers. "No, it doesn't harm your engine or spoil the performance."

"Yes, it DOES work with oil that has been used for frying - just as long as you filter it first."
"No, it doesn¹t stop you from using ordinary diesel if you ever still want to."
"Yes, of course it is better for the environment."
Suddenly, a horrible thought struck me. "Hang on," I said, "Isn't it illegal?"

"Aha!" he replied brightly, "You are thinking of the folk in West Wales who got prosecuted last year. That's because they weren¹t paying tax on their oil. The way the law stands, you are supposed to DECLARE every drop you use for driving and then pay 26p per litre to the government. As long as you do that, they can¹t touch you!"

"Oh," I said. "I bet that means a pile of paperwork."
"No, you just call 0845 010 9000 and they send you a simple form. And you still pay less tax than you would on the garage forecourt. Normal Diesel is taxed at 40p per litre."

Daniel is an Aquarian, aged 32. He lives on a small farm in Pembrokeshire and today, he is setting off on in his black Citroen ZX 1.9 turbo diesel on the 850 mile trek from Land's End to John O Groats.

He has promised to let me know how his journey goes and I, in turn, shall pass on any news I get. Or you can follow his progress yourself, at: And if you want to know how to convert your own car to run on cooking oil, just contact the Low Impact Living Initiative at:

Full Moon comment

Coming up soon: a time of endings - and new beginnings. And there will be some pleasant surprises in store for all of us. Enjoy the Full Moon and remember; look forward, don’t look back!

Happy Birthday!
Halle Berry (Leo born August 14, 1968) To be born under the sign of Leo is to be blessed with celebrity status, regardless of who you are or what you do. Leos exude dignity and authority. They have a form of natural magnetism that makes them hard to resist. And, though they do not all use it, they have access to much poise and power. Halle Berry is a case in point. She turns 35 on Thursday – and the best part of her career still lies ahead
Happy birthday also to: Today August 9; Gillian Anderson (35), Melanie Griffith (46) and Whitney Houston (40), Tomorrow August 10; Ian Anderson (56), Rosanna Arquette (44), Antonio Banderas (43) and Neneh Cherry (39), Tuesday August 12; Mark Knopfler (54) and Pete Sampras (32), Thursday August 14; Sarah Brightman (42) and Steve Martin (58), Friday August 15; Ben Affleck (31) and Princess Anne (53).


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