Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

August 11th to August 16th 2003

MONDAY August 11
Edinburgh Festival

Horoscopes, on their own, can give a slightly misleading view of the future. If you really want to identify the stars of tomorrow you need to go and watch them shining. That, at least, is my excuse for taking the kids to the Edinburgh Festival this weekend. We much enjoyed the cleverly crafted, psychological thriller, "Mrs Lemonís Lodger." Alex Horne's "Making Fish Laugh" made us laugh too. And then there was Dave Gorman. Last year he was on BBC2 poking fun at astrology. His new show, though, leaves the zodiac alone. And it is absolutely brilliant.
TUESDAY August 12
Full Moon and Mars

The Moon was technically officially full at 5.48 am, but it will still look pretty impressive tonight. So too will Mars ≠ which is in much the same part of the sky - as it now shines brighter than ever before. These are intense times for many of us but they are also, potentially, wonderful. No matter what you are going through or dealing with, you really need not feel afraid. The planets speak of positive progress, available soon to all whose hearts are sincere and whose motives, towards their fellow human beings, are compassionate.
Cooking Oil Fuel update

On Friday, I told you about Daniel, who is driving from Land's End to John O'Groats in a car powered by cooking oil. I have since had many letters pointing out that Rudolph Diesel originally designed his famous engine to use this very fuel. You can now get it straight from the pump in parts of California, Hawaii and Canada. It gives much the same mileage, you don't need to fight wars in the Middle East to get control of the supply... and the only drawback is that it makes your car smell a bit like a chip shop!.
THURSDAY August 14
Read Your Own Forecast comment

Dear Jonathan,
Once, on this page, you advised someone to read only the forecast for their own sign, not anyone else's. But I am a Gemini, as is my partner. So, what should I do?

Dear Peter,
Did I really say that? How bossy of me. What I meant (I think) is that it is often too easy to read "what you want to read" into the message for someone else, especially if you have hopes or expectations of them. You should never have to look further than your own forecast for the answer to a pressing question.

FRIDAY August 15
Wedding Blues and Mars Brightens

Astrologers, all over India, are advising people not to marry at the moment. They say the position of Jupiter is inauspicious and to avoid this, they advise waiting until next year or at least November. Dinesh Gajaria, from Bombay, says "Marriage is not a do-or-die situation. So if one has waited for 25 years, then waiting for a year more will do no harm." Bhupendra Soni, In Ahmedabad, goes further. "Marriages entered into at this time," he warns darkly, "Could fail to produce a son." Venues are standing empty, musicians are sitting around polishing their instruments and caterers have nobody to cook for.
Yet in the west, some astrologers feel the current cosmic climate is especially encouraging for all who wish to tie the knot. The difference is partly a question of interpretation. Asian astrologers donít see Jupiter in quite the same way. Plus, of course, Indian marriages tend to be arranged and thus require a very particular sort of celestial support.

Scientists are arguing about how long it has been since Mars last came so close to the earth. Some say 73,000 years, some say 66,000 and some think it may only be 6 or 7,000 years. All agree though, that never before, in recorded history, have we seen such a sight in our skies. You don't need to be an expert stargazer to witness this amazing event. You don't even need a map, compass or diagram. Just go outside, shortly after dark tonight, and look up. Pinky-orange Mars is the brightest thing around by far. Usually it is a faint, difficult-to-spot object. Even at its best it never looks like this. Watch this space, between now and August 28, for a full run down of what it is all likely to portend.

SATURDAY August 16
George Best comment

This has been a rotten week for George Best. His wife, Alex, has left him, again. And he is drinking, again. He was born in Belfast on May 22, 1946. He may be only just a Gemini but he has all the traits of this Mercurial sign. He is fluid, flamboyant and fleet of foot. Indeed, in his heyday, he WAS the living embodiment of Mercury; the wing heeled heavenly messenger. Mercury though, is famously the planet of youth and Best's famous achievements all occurred when he was young. Every Gemini, sooner or later, meets with a challenge to grow up and George now is staring this straight in the face. His real problem though, has nothing to do with being a Gemini. Addicts come in all shapes, sizes... and signs. George Best's 'addictive personality' shows up in his full horoscope as a conjunction between Mars and Pluto. Neptune, the planet of confusion and dissolution, is currently rolling right over this sensitive part of his chart. This once in a lifetime transit will KEEP happening for a few more months, after which he will have a second, once every 28 year "Saturn Return". That's due to be very decisive. If he really wants to weather a heavy celestial storm, he has to find something to do with his time that brings a sense of meaning and achievement.

If he was anyone else, I'd doubt his ability to do that. But on the day George was born, the Moon was opposite Mars and Jupiter was harmoniously aligned to Uranus, the heavenly magician. Best is brilliantly instinctive and breathtakingly lucky. He may yet just manage to pull himself together in the nick of time..


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