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August 25th to August 31st 2003

MONDAY August 25
Omen Mars

Mars may be the planet of War but its current position does not signify some vast, global conflict. Many indeed, think we are entitled to interpret a Mars, this bright, as a sign of great hope. Mars, they point out, is also a symbol of purpose and progress. It traditionally represents ‘the conquering force of a big new movement’. It could herald the arrival of a whole new way to look at life... or the emergence of an army of people with a mission to change our world for the better. Think, for example, of the unprecedented millions who spontaneously took to the streets to march AGAINST war, earlier this year. Remember that this didn’t just happen in Britain but all over the globe - and you may then get a better idea of the mood Mars is now about to whip up. Think also of how much more visible Mars is becoming. In giving us a better chance to look at it close-up, might it also be helping us to understand how the secret warmongers of this world really work? Here in Britain, for example, we are finally learning the truth about the notorious ‘Dossier on Iraq’. This we were all told, by an emphatic Prime Minister, made a compelling case for attack. Now we are being shown how it absolutely didn’t! It would have persuaded nobody before it was ‘sexed up’ with fabricated claims. When a senior advisor to the Ministry of Defence was troubled enough by his conscience to let this slip to the media, he ended up dead in the woods; a fate he darkly predicted for himself months earlier. On Thursday, just as Mars is at its absolute nearest, the Prime minister himself will be forced to explain all this to the historic Hutton Inquiry. It will be fascinating to see what he says.

DID he cynically manipulate us all by publishing these lies?
Or was he too, just being fooled by whoever put those words into an official document?
And how, now, either way CAN we ever trust him again?

Keep in mind please, that Mars rules leadership. And that omens, this rare and this bright, invariably portend tremendous change.

Some parts of the world have had a surprisingly large amount of cloud cover over the weekend. Some city centres have been so brightly lit that you can hardly see the night sky. And even where the heavens have been bright and clear, some people have simply not bothered, yet, to look up, in the direction of the south east.

If you have not yet taken your chance, do try tonight. It truly is an amazing sight. Nobody, in the whole history of this earth, has ever seen Mars so bright.

To seize your chance, just go outside after 11pm. Don’t bother with a star-map or a compass. You won’t need either. Just look for the slightly orange ‘flare’ or ‘firework’ that outshines every star by far. When you see the famous red planet of war, make a wish. For peace!

TUESDAY August 26
Did Mars Put the Lights Out?

Between tomorrow and Thursday, Mars will come as close to the Earth as it can ever get. Normally, if I was talking about an event like this, I would say, ‘Don’t expect anything to happen straight away’. Such signs in the sky tend to tell us about tomorrow, not today. Mars though, is already making its presence felt. That’s probably because, it has already been stunningly close for weeks.

Remember that Mars governs conflict, leadership, power and fire. Then think about some of the news stories we have heard lately. Some connections are obvious. You would expect trouble to flare up in the Middle East with a strong Mars in the sky.

But what about those millions of Americans and Canadians, plunged into sudden darkness, just as the power planet begins to shine so brightly in the sky? You can almost imagine Mars angrily shouting, ‘Hey, I’m here and you aren’t looking! If I cut off your electricity, you will HAVE to notice me then!’

And what about the exceptional number of fires, raging out of control in forests and fields all across the globe?

Or the world-wide heatwave?

I am not trying to say that Mars has CAUSED any of this. And of course I concede that such events can occur when Mars is far less obviously active. I still think though, that a sort of celestial ‘signature’ can be seen. I predict more tales on such topics between now and the end of the year. My astrological ancestors would certainly be in no doubt about what was due to come next. A series of dramas, involving, soldiers, surgeons and strategists! Over the rest of the week, we’ll look more closely at what they - and I - and my other colleagues, might expect to happen next.

...Just go out after 11pm and look up. If you know where the South-East horizon is, look in that direction. If you don’t, just look for the brightest sight in the sky. That’s Mars... outshining every star.
(PS If there’s too much cloud to see anything? Try again later!)

Mars, writes our expert consultant, Bernard Fitzwalter, is known as the Red Planet because of its pinky-orange colour. Scientists now know this is because it is covered in iron oxide. Spookily though, astrological lore connected Mars with iron, long before this discovery was made. Its red colour led the ancients to associate the planet with blood, warriors and warfare. Mars turns up in stories from all over the world in similar roles. In Japan he is Susanowo, a warrior god who pulls down a palace. Here in the West, Mars still has his own sacred day - Tuesday. In French it is Mardi, easy to recognise as Mars’-day. In English the ‘Tue’ part comes from Tiw, the Norse warrior god who is a Viking version of Mars.

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What Sign Is Mars In?

Mars is now about as close to earth as it can ever get. As if to celebrate this special moment, several other exceptional events are taking place over the next couple of days.

Astronomers argue that Mars is near the constellation of Aquarius now. But astrologers divide the sky differently. For purposes of precision, we use 12 equal sections of the Ecliptic, each NAMED after a constellation. This system places Mars in PISCES.

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THURSDAY August 28
Have the Martians Already Landed? by Eric Francis

Each year, more than a ton of rocks from Mars land on Earth. Most end up in the ocean but one such meteorite was recently found in Antarctica. In 1996 scientists held a press conference. They said, “Look! Clues in this rock point suggest that long ago, there could have been bacterial life on Mars.” Sadly, over time, these theories came under more scrutiny and many doubts were raised. Lately though, two findings have breathed new life into the notion. A portion of the magnetite in the rock is now known to be produced only by biological processes. Plus, new tests show the rock’s core never reached more than 40 C degrees during its journey. This is cool enough for bacteria to have made the trip at one time or another. So while we still don’t have full proof, this at least leaves open the possibility that life on Earth really was spawned by life on Mars!

Jonathan writes: Here in North Yorkshire, I have been sitting by my computer for several days, writing about how Mars is brighter and bigger than ever in history. I have been telling people that all they need do is go out after 11pm and look. “You won’t need a star map” I keep saying “Or a compass”. Mars is so stunning, it will be obvious.” But now I must make a confession. The skies round here have been cloudy. Since Saturday, I have not caught so much as a glimpse of the red Planet. If the weather has been unhelpful in your part of the world too - or if you have not yet remembered to get outside and look, don’t worry. Mars is due to remain just as impressive for a while to come. That’s why there will be so much more on this topic soon.

Some say it was yesterday. Some say today. We don’t have a tape measure that can stretch 34.5 million miles. So nobody can be completely sure. But then what difference does a day make in an event that the world has been waiting to see for 73,000 years?

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FRIDAY August 29
Dear Jonathan, Mars emails

Dear Jonathan,
You mentioned recently that in French, Tuesday is ‘Mardi’, based on ‘Mar’ for Mars. Did you know the Japanese word for Tuesday is Ka-yobi. Ka meaning fire, and yobi meaning day. Also in Japanese the name of the planet Mars is ka sei. Ka meaning fire and sei meaning planet.
Regards, P.

Hi Jonathan,
In India, Tuesday is called ‘Mangal-var’. Var (pronounced as vaar) means day. Mangal is Mars. You already must be knowing this but still I want to iterate it here.
Thanks, Shashi.

Dear Jonathan,
The other day you pondered whether Mars had had something to do with those power cuts in America and Canada. I just thought I would tell you that, around the same time, gale force winds blew for most of the day across Eastern Australia, leaving thousands of homes and businesses without power?
Warm regards, Alison

Dear Jonathan
My daughter turns 18 today. Could you touch on the significance of Mars to her and any others with birthdays that are due while Mars is so bright?

Dear Eileen,
Your daughter is due a pretty hectic year. But then, I rather suspect that’s true for all of us. The people to whom this probably has the most significance are the new babies. Mars so strong in their charts implies they will grow into a generation of amazingly high achievers

Dear Jonathan,
What are your thoughts this week on the possible impact of Mars so close to Earth just as Mercury is starting to turn retrograde.
Cheers, Melody

Dear Melody,
The communication planet moving retrograde almost always coincides with trouble on the railway - or a delay in the postal service. And what have we had lately? A holiday rail shutdown, a new email virus... and a postal strike in the offing! Expect more of this.

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SATURDAY August 30
Saturn/Neptune and Jupiter/Mars comments

Two relatively rare events this week. Saturn forms a once-in-a-decade antagonistic angle to Neptune - implying difficulty for traditionalists who will have to rethink. Meanwhile, Jupiter opposes Mars - a biennial event which usually coincides with the departure of a famous figure from political power.


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