Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

December 8th to December 13th 2003

MONDAY December 8
Full Moon comment - Nick Campion, Guest Astrologer

Jonathan is away. Today's guest writer is NICK CAMPION. Nick's best-seller, The Ultimate Astrologer, is just out in Lithuanian! Fortunately, English language copies are still available. For Nick's on-line charts, check out

Nick writes: The Full Moon brings the monthly lunar peak. It's also, of course, the traditional climactic moment for lunatics and werewolves. A British law from 1824, recognised the influence of the Moon on erratic behaviour, although astrologers recognise that the situation is not quite so simple. The latest research, though, indicates that women get most jumpy at Full Moon time. For men, the danger time is New Moon. More proof that boys and girls don't live on the same planet!

TUESDAY December 9
Sun in Sagittarius comment - Adam Smith, Guest Astrologer

Jonathan is away. Today's guest writer is ADAM SMITH, a consultant astrologer who writes regularly for publications around the globe. Discover more about Adam, a keen musician, on his website

Adam writes: The Sun in Sagittarius hits the planet Pluto this week, bringing buried treasure up from below and the unexpected up to the light. Nothing about Pluto, ruler of obsession, is ever as it seems. Its discovery was the culmination of a sustained search by astronomers, who deduced there must be a planet in deep space because of the strange effect something was having on Neptune's orbit. So, look to the news this week for stories of power struggles revelations and strange tales from the dark side.

WEDNESDAY December 10
Pluto in Sagittarius comment - Eric Francis, Guest Astrologer

Jonathan is away. Today's guest writer is Seattle-based astrologer ERIC FRANCIS. He is the creator of Planet Waves, a web project devoted to astrology, metaphysics, ecological issues and relationships. You can read Eric's weekly column at

Eric writes: 'Globalism' has a rather negative connotation these days, but it is true that we do live in one world. This has been one of the lessons of Pluto in Sagittarius, which has done much to spread a power base around the planet. That power base has very little to do with human welfare. But Pluto in Sagittarius, which is lit up by a conjunction from the Sun all this week, is having the unplanned by-product of waking people up to the fact that we're all living together on one tiny little planet. Look for one clear reminder in the news, it's likely to be there

THURSDAY December 11
Venus and Jupiter comment - Yasmin Boland, Guest Astrologer

Jonathan is away. Today's guest writer is YASMIN BOLAND, whose weekly stars column appears in Closer magazine. To be in with a chance to win one of Yasmin's latest astrology books, forecasting your year ahead for love, money and career visit and just follow the links

Yasmin writes: Venus and Jupiter are holding hands today, an excellent sign meaning we can expect a few extra warm and fuzzy feelings. The Moon in gentle Cancer adds to the mix. So, if you want to get downright sentimental with someone, you have astro-permission. Meanwhile, today is linked strongly to the end of last August. Love or money matters from then now come back for review

FRIDAY December 12
How you view life comment - Patty Greenall, Guest Astrologer

Jonathan is away. Today's guest is PATTY GREENALL, who specialises in horary astrology. Originally from Minnesota, USA, Patty now lives in London. She has been spiritually influenced by a Chinese mother in a western world.

Patty writes: Some people forget how to celebrate life, while others choose to look only at twinkling lights. When their eyes adjust to the background and reality sets in, it all looks darker than it actually is. How you view life is a choice, the trick is to try to see different perspectives at the same time. Today's celestial conditions help you keep your feet on the ground while reaching for the stars. Sound a bit of a stretch? Definitely and it feels good!

SATURDAY December 13
Sickness.... and Health comment

Over the past few days I have been absent I'm back today... but from Monday, I will be away for another week.
This is not because I am on holiday... but because I am recovering from an operation. I won't bore you with the details other than to stress that I am absolutely fine thanks and getting better by the day. I must say though, that there's nothing quite like being poorly to make you come over all philosophical. I have lately been asking myself some very tough questions about what I am doing here on this planet, where I have been, where I am going... and what I am trying to accomplish. In the light of this, I have decided to make quite a few changes. Some of these are 'private, personal and domestic' and others involve the way I work.
As I sit and contemplate all these, I suddenly start to see my own recent predictions from a new angle. It's an odd thing being an astrologer. The 'job description' requires you to comment on momentous planetary alignments from an 'objective point of view'. Yet how can anyone, anywhere on this earth, ever be completely without bias?
I often end up staring at powerful cosmic influences, knowing they are going to touch people's lives in a dramatic way... yet 'conveniently forgetting' that they are sure to have an impact on my own life too. Earlier this year, Mars came closer to Earth than ever before in recorded history. I must have written about this a hundred times. I made big predictions on the back of it. I explained how motivations would alter, our perspectives would shift, awareness levels would rise... and directions in life would change. Only now though, does it dawn on me that the above would be happening in my heart and mind at the same time!
Likewise, the rare harmonic concordance that opened up a 'window of possibility' for everyone last month. This too, gave us all a chance to stop and think. But I was, of course, so busy explaining this that I had no time to stop and think about how I, personally too, might need to 'stop and think'!
Life has just obliged me to undergo that exercise. I have to say, I feel much better for it. And as to what it has led me to conclude? I don't know yet. I am still stopping. And I am still thinking!


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