Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

December 29th to December 31st 2003

MONDAY December 29
Space probe comment from Mars

I keep thinking about the space probe that was supposed to land on Mars. It is as if the red planet has brushed it away, saying: "That's enough. I have just shown myself more clearly than ever before in history. In the process, I have helped you all to see what truly causes conflict. Now you know that 'nice' leaders will lie to provoke battle as cynically as 'nasty' leaders. So if you want to know more about the how the war planet works... don't send cold robots to probe me. Probe the cold robots within your own hearts."
TUESDAY December 30
Weaning puppies and the zodiac comment

Dear Jonathan,
I had been having trouble weaning my two puppies. My vet said he would give me some advice if I promised not to laugh. He gave me a date to begin weaning... saying it had to do with the zodiac and he didn't know why it worked but it did. The night before his suggested date, I decided to get a head start and try to get them to drink. They wouldn't even look at it. Yet I got up on the allotted day... and they walked right up to the bowl and started drinking. I just thought you'd like to know. Happy New Year...
WEDNESDAY December 31
New Year comment

All good things must come to an end. As we enter a New Year, many of us are setting off on a journey that will take our lives in a different direction. We can make this easier if we open our hearts and our arms, to embrace the future. It is when we cling too tightly to the past that we make life unnecessarily difficult. I leave you, in 2003, with one last prediction. 2004 is due to be a wonderful year. It brings unusual comets and rare alignments. You are going to love it.


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