Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

February 1st to February 7th 2003

New Moon

Tonight, even if you can see the sky, through all those clouds and all those streetlights, you still won't see the Moon. It is new ­ invisible in the sign of Aquarius. Expect tension followed by great relief.

Happy Birthday!
Natalie Imbruglia b. February 4 1975. Aquarius.
Natalie Imbruglia will turn 28 on February 4. This means that she was born while Saturn was in the sign of Cancer. Later this year, Saturn comes back to this sign. We only experience two or three Saturn returns in a lifetime, they often put as through difficulty but they leave us stronger and more powerful.
Happy birthday also this week to: Happy birthday also this week to: Lisa Marie Presley (35), Don Everley (66) and Boris Yeltsin (72) today; David Jason (63), Farrah Fawcett (56) and Christie Brinkley (49) tomorrow; The Kink's Dave Davies (56) on Monday; Dan Quayle (56) and Alice Cooper (55) on Tuesday; Zsa Zsa Gabor (84), Natalie Cole (53) and Axl Rose (41) on Thursday; Garth Brooks (41) on Friday.

Waiting for luck...

Dear Jonathan,
Last year, you wrote about ‘luck’ and said, at the end of your short piece “I shall say more about this soon.” Well, despite writing in to remind you several times, I am still waiting!” Rob
Dear Rob,
Hmmmm. Many people believe that luck is about timing. If you wait till something instinctively feels right – and then do it – you are far more likely to succeed than if you act when you feel you ‘ought to’. The more preconceived expectations we have of others – or of ourselves... or that we allow others to have of us... the more we may impede the force of spontaneous serendipity that most people characterise as ‘luck’.
The Space Shuttle

Some people think that if astrologers are to keep up with the times, they ought to not simply chart the movements of planets. They ought also to take man-made satellites into account. They are, after all, celestial bodies visible from earth. And you can hardly say that something has no influence if it is beaming down news, weather and movies to millions. I don’t entirely accept that argument but I definitely do see deep symbolism in the recent loss of the Space Shuttle. In the timing and the manner of their tragic deaths, those brave astronauts may yet have contributed far more, to future world peace, than they will ever know.

Pre-Birth Experience: do you, or someone in your family - have a memory of an other-worldly existence just before you were born? If so, you could help with some research - click here to find out how... Thank you.

The drug of fame

Fame is a drug that intoxicates both fan and star alike. The fan becomes convinced that their life is being blessed by a living god. The star becomes convinced that he (or she) is truly divine. This hypnotic high is addictive and soul-destroying. Yet it is such a part of ‘normal life’ that nobody questions it. Even when our heroes and heroines behave in totally unacceptable ways, half of us want to make excuses for them... while the other half seem happy to judge them in the kangaroo court of headline and soundbite. Clearly, we are now having to question this. That can only be for the good.
Fact from fiction?

As Neptune, the planet of deception, opposes Jupiter, the planet of amplification, all the hot topics seem to be about who is telling the truth. Saddam Hussein? George Bush? Tony Blair? Instinctively, we suspect that all three are holding back information. The planets appear to confirm this. They suggest that the name of the game now is ‘Reading Between The Lines’. The difficulty here is that it is always easy to see what you want to see – rather than what exists. On TV, in the news, in the world of celebrities, we are hearing claim and counter-claim. It may be a good while yet before we become fully able to separate fact from fiction.
What turns a person into a paedophile?

You don’t have to be a psychologist to work it out. It MUST have something to do with their childhood. Not all children who have been abused grow up to be paedophiles but almost all paedophiles were abused when they were children. Secret sufferers are everywhere. Some have mild cases, others severe. But if all todays perpetrators were yesterday’s victims, what will some of tomorrow’s victims grow up to be? We have a chain to break and a sick society to heal. We need to stop judging and start understanding.


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