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February 22nd to February 28th 2003

Change of direction for Saturn

Saturn has been moving apparently backwards though the sky for several months now. This week it begins to change direction, allowing justice to be done where justice has been delayed.

In our 29th year Saturn returns to the position it held on the day we were born. Drew Barrymore turns 28 today. Her ‘Saturn return’ will begin in October and continue into 2004. It marks her passage into maturity and an ability to take on new personal responsibilities.

Happy birthday also this week to: Today: Edward M. Kennedy (71); Michael Chang (31); Julie Walters (53); Sunday: Howard Jones (48); Peter Fonda (64); Monday: Billy Zane (37); Paul Jones (61); Tuesday: Tom Courtenay (66); Sally Jessy Raphael (60); Wednesday: Johnny Cash (71); Sandie Shaw (56); Erykah Badu (32); Thursday: Joanne Woodward (73); Elizabeth Taylor (71); Chelsea Clinton (23); Friday: Joe South (63); Mario Andretti (63); Stephanie Beacham (56).

Historic events in the sky

Several historic events are due to take place in the sky this year. These suggest that within months, Iraq will not be a big issue any more. Urgent conflict on a different page of the map, will be drawing our attention. If you think there’s disagreement now, about how to tackle the current crisis, wait till you see how that next drama pans out. By then, the United Nations will have little or no credibility left. Soon, the only thing that can possibly keep the train of peace on the track of tolerance will be the prayers and protests of ordinary individuals across the planet.

The position of Uranus

Uranus was discovered in 1781, shortly after the American revolution and just before the French one. This planet of rebellion, revolution and reinvention takes about 84 years to get once round the zodiac. Right now, it is right back where it was in 1919/20 – just as the League of Nations was being formed. In the thirties, that organisation lost all its power and eventually had to be replaced with the United Nations. When we look at the planetary alignments back then and compare them to those in the sky today, the connections get very spooky.
Who rules the world?

Who rules the world? That’s the real question we are now having to ask. Is it America? Is it the UN? We will soon find out. We will also soon discover that Kim and Osama have been glad of a chance to act in shadow while we shone our spotlight so strongly on Saddam. There’s a long year ahead and the drama is only just starting to play itself out. But there’s hope as well as fear on the horizon. Those millions of peace marchers worldwide, may yet turn out to have more influence than they think.
Mars and the peace movement

Our nations may not be united but many individuals, within those nations, seem to be speaking with one voice. “Violence.” they insist, “only leads to more violence.” “The world is in a state,” they say, “because the sanctity of life is not respected.” “You can’t fix this,” they argue, “By killing more innocent people. That’s like trying to put out a fire with petrol.” Later this year, the planet of war will come closer to earth than at any point in the past 73,000 years. How poignant that we are now seeing the growth of the biggest peace movement in history.
Poem prophesy

Although this is a year of fear,
I really must be very clear.
That does not mean the end is near.
Like many a prophet, seer and sage
I prophesise a golden age.
Just one more turn of history’s page.


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