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January 13th to January 18th 2003

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Appearing on TV

On Sunday, I noticed that every small child in town seemed to be staring at me as I walked past. I began to wonder whether I was wearing clothes that looked silly. Then I remembered. The previous day I had gone to London to appear on the Saturday Show on BBC 1. It must be very well watched because almost every kid I saw seemed to recognise me. My fame though, is as nothing compared to that of the new group “Busted” who’s horoscopes I had been invited onto the show to talk about. They are already doing well here - and rightly so. Soon though, these three teenage lads will be international megastars.
World War Three?

After the new year predictions that I made a short while ago – several people have asked me for clarification. Just for the record, I absolutely do not predict the outbreak of World War Three – nor some vast escalation in the amount of terrorist activity. But I do foresee a time during which the world becomes much more tense. There may not actually BE much more fear, violence, injustice or oppression than usual. But somehow, we will become much more conscious of what there is. It will worry us far more than it normally does. And though some of us will become agitated and excited, the upshot will be a drama that ‘sobers’ many currently power-crazed minds.
The dragon of war

Dear Jonathan,
After September 11, you said that though there would be further trouble, it was “the last great breath of a dying dragon”. But now you seem to be suggesting that things are about to go from bad to worse! C.F.
The dragon of war has been terrifying us all for millennia. Its “last breath” may continue for a few years yet. In 2003 it will terrify a lot of people. That’s good if it gets us so scared that we finally stop creating a culture of conflict in which everything is always ‘the other guy’s fault’. I remain deeply optimistic about the future of our planet.
The power of the weekend

Full Moons are powerful. So too are weekends. We are trained, from an early age, to see Saturdays and Sundays as different from the rest of the week. We expect them to provide us with more leisure and more pleasure. We loosen up a little when we see them coming. Some of us even keep special clothes in our wardrobe that we only wear then. The full Moon tends to amplify whatever mood is prevalent on the Earth. Right now, a lot of people are determined to have a good time. Many will succeed but some may like to watch out for the possibility of it turning into a rather wild time.
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Full Moon in Cancer

This powerful full moon in the sign of Cancer is now stirring many people up. It may well be a wild weekend. But Venus and Jupiter suggest that the week itself may well be calmer, quiet and more comforting.

Happy Birthday!
Samantha Mumba January 18, 1983 Capricorn.
It is rare for a Capricorn to enjoy success early in life without seeing this through to even greater triumphs in later life. Capricorns are all, one way or another, in the construction industry. They build lasting structures on firm foundations. Samantha’s career is sure to follow this pattern.
Happy birthday also this week to: Kevin Costner (48) today; Phil Everly (64), Dolly Parton (57), Robert Palmer (54), and Jenson Button (23) tomorrow; David Lynch (57) on Monday; Jack Nicklaus (63) and Geena Davis (46) on Tuesday; John Hurt (63) on Wednesday; Rutger Hauer (59) on Thursday; Nastassia Kinski (43) and Neil Diamond (62) on Friday.


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