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July 1st to July 5th 2003

Glastonbury comment

I can never understand why some people think of Glastonbury as a music festival. I have been coming here regularly for three decades. But I have yet to see a band play. I can hear them, of course, when I take out the earplugs. But for me this place is not about pop or performance. It is a summer celebration of all things alternative and innovative; a gathering of artists, astrologers, psychics, sculptors, entertainers, explorers, healers, magicians, philosophers, poets and visionaries. The photo is of Sculptor Chris Vandweller beside a statue of the festival god, Pan, carved from the base of an old cherry tree.
Random Numbers by Mark Winter

In his piece below today, Mark Winter tells us about Ďrandom numbersí. Tomorrow, John Michell will talk about numbers that are anything BUT random. Our resident expert on mysteries has spent years tracking down hidden patterns in nature and history. His findings will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. For the next few Thursdays, Astrocat and I are going to sit back and give him some extra space. The Secret Meaning of Numbers begins here, next to your stars, tomorrow. Donít miss it.
The Secret Meaning of Numbers by John Michell

Amongst those who seek lost knowledge, John Michell is a bit of a superstar. I first read one of his books when I was 16 and have been a fan ever since. Years later, when I finally met him, he was giving a lecture about hidden shapes and patterns in ancient architecture. I promised myself, there and then that, one day, Iíd get him to cover that subject here, on this page. So it is with great pride and satisfaction that I introduce our new Thursday series...

by John Michell

Geometry and the art of creation
Geometry is taught in schools, but usually with no meaning or use attached to it. That makes it rather a cold subject, and children are often bored by it. In the esoteric schools of Egypt and the ancient world, the teaching of geometry had a high purpose. It led to an understanding of the world, how it was made and what it was made of. That is now called 'sacred' or (as I prefer) 'creative' geometry.

Geometry was also a magical art. It was used to define the sacred space in which angels or demons were invoked. Every shape - triangle, square, pentagon and the rest - corresponds to a certain power in nature and tends to attract it. These shapes were woven into the plans of temples to attract the appropriate god or spirit.

Geometry is closely related to music. The ancient architects designed rooms and buildings by musical ratios. A floor area of I by 2 represents the octave; 3 by 4 is the musical fifth; 2 by 3 is the fourth and 8 by 9 is the interval called a tone.

The most perfect shape for a central sanctuary, dedicated to the goddess of earth, is a cube, the emblem of earth itself. The Holy of Holies in Solomon's Temple was a cubical building, measuring 20 by 20 by 20 cubits. The length of the cubit was 1.728 feet. The number 1,728 is a cube (12 x 12 x 12).

Another cube is the Kaaba shrine in Mecca. Within it is the holy stone, a black meteorite, that marks the centrepoint of the Muslim world. Every country and religion has its centre, which represents its essence. In the practice of creative geometry, the centre is the first spot to be located. That is where you put down the point of your compass before swinging the other arm to complete a circle.

In drawing your first circle, you are illustrating an ancient story, the geometer's creation myth. It is a story that occurs in sacred traditions world-wide. It begins with a Creator, perfect and benevolent, who wanted to make a universe similar to the state he inhabits. Being a copy, it could not be as good as the original, but he made it as well as he could. He needed only two instruments, a compass and T-square (the emblems of Freemasonry). With these he was able to construct all the classical shapes of geometry - except for one, the 7 -sided figure that symbolises the mystery of soul and can never be defined.

These geometric shapes, in various combinations, are behind the forms of everything that exists in this world, from the motions of the heavenly bodies to the structure of atoms. They can be heard as harmonies in music. They can be experienced in good social relationships and in the order of one's own mind. Next week I shall go further into the geometerís creation myth, and how to combine different shapes to make an imitation of the perfect universe.

Prepare to Win Big with Planet Pinball by Bernard Fitzwalter

by Bernard Fitzwalter
If you are a regular reader of horoscopes you will be familiar with the astro-jargon that creeps in from time to time, such as the so-called 'grand trine'. This is when three planets align to form the corners of an equal-sided triangle in the skies, and it is generally interpreted as being a good thing, providing new opportunities for those it affects.

At the moment the sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn are all loosely grouped in the sign of Cancer, while Mars and Uranus are together in Pisces. These two are water signs, of course, and if another planet were to be in Scorpio, then that would complete the grand trine, with all the water signs filled; on the celestial pinball machine the game board would then light up, the 'extra chance' lights would flash, and we would all be given a bonus ball.

On Tuesday and Wednesday next week that's exactly what happens. The moon moves through Scorpio, making a grand trine between Uranus, Saturn and itself; then just a few minutes later a different grand trine between Uranus, Venus and itself; and so on. During those two days there are four grand trines and six lesser trines in operation, with the moon going ping-ping-ping off all those six planets in turn.

With so many planets involved the range of opportunities is enormous. No matter what it is that we are each struggling with, somewhere in all those trines there is a way out and a way forward, a short cut to the future which will restore our flagging spirits. Just bear two things in mind. Firstly, trines have no compulsion in them, so you don't have to go with what they offer if you don't want to; and secondly, it all happens in two days, so you have to be quick.

In Astronews today, Jonathan gives his prediction on David Beckham.

Venus moves into the sign of Cancer

Venus, this week, moves into the sign of Cancer - whilst forming a conjunction to Saturn. This is very good news for Cancerians, of course, but it also augurs well for anyone who is seeking clarity and commitment, especially regarding a deeply emotional matter.

Happy Birthday!
The Dalai Lama (Cancer born July 6, 1935) Cancerians are famously sensitive, passionate and intuitive. They are willing to give up anything for the causes they support and the people they love. The wonderful Dalai Lama who turns 68 tomorrow has patiently led his Tibetan people in exile for over 40 years. I predict good news for him and all Cancerians soon.
Happy birthday also to: Today July 5; Huey Lewis (52) and Robbie Robertson (60), Tomorrow July 6; George W. Bush (57), Sylvester Stallone (57), Geoffrey Rush (52) and Jennifer Saunders (45), Monday July 7; Ringo Starr (63), Shelley Duvall (54) and Vonda Shepard (40), Tuesday July 8; Anjelica Huston (52), Kevin Bacon (45) and Beck (Hansen) (33), Wednesday July 9; O.J. Simpson (56), Tom Hanks (47), Kelly McGillis (46), Courtney Love (39) and David Hockney (66), Thursday July 10; Arlo Guthrie (56) and Neil Tennant (49), Friday July 11; Leon Spinks (50), Mark Lester (45), Suzanne Vega (44) and Lilí Kim (28).


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