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July 14th to July 19th 2003

Sun in Leo comment

Dear Jonathan,
I was told that one should never sign a contract when the Sun is in Leo, since ‘Leos are hungry babies; they'll take and take, and you'll get nothing in return.’ Hence, if you exchange on a house purchase when the Sun is in Leo, the house will bleed you dry. Is there any truth in this?
Many thanks,

Dear Nigel,
None whatsoever. Nor do Leos make particularly 'hungry babies'. I sometimes wonder where all this rubbish comes from.

Crop circles

Crop circles were all the rage a few years ago. Then it turned out that some had been made by a pair of pranksters. Yet just because it is POSSIBLE to fake a crop circle, must we assume that ALL crop circles are hoaxes? This picture was taken last week in the West country. It COULD have been made by a team of meticulous artists working long hours in the darkness but I, frankly, find that harder to believe than the idea that it was caused by a UFO! What do you think?
Zodiac signs for animals

Hello Jonathan,
Are cats, dogs or any creatures subject to the same sign characteristics as we are?

Dear Stephanie,
Many books suggest as much. But most animals have a seasonal birth pattern. They are only ever born under two or three zodiac signs. Even if your pet could be born in any month, how do you know precisely when it entered the world? Breeders don’t always pass on the exact date to buyers. One day, we may develop a credible form of astrology for animals but I don’t think it is here yet.

God's Hidden Patterns by John Michell

Jonathan writes: Our special series has had a mixed reaction so far. Some readers have been spellbound. Others have found it hard to follow. If, so far, you have been only half-following the story, or even ignoring the whole thing completely, don’t worry. You can still dive in! Today, John Michell begins to explain WHY geometry was so sacred to the ancients. Whether or not you feel you are ‘good with numbers’ relax and read on. This is truly fascinating.
John Michell's previous articles in this special series are here:
The Secret Meaning of Numbers and The Secret Numbers at the Heart of Creation.

by John Michell

The first words of Genesis, the first book in the Bible, are, ‘In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth’. All traditional stories of creation say the same. Ancient philosophers observed the harmony that prevails throughout the universe, and saw it as evidence of a creative mind. They said nothing about the Creator, except that he must be benevolent to have made such a beautiful world.

They called him the Great Geometer, because everything seems to have been made in accordance with geometry and musical ratios. The original state of the universe was chaos. Nothing in it was fixed or permanent, but it was inhabited by a spirit which meant that it was one creature. In creative geometry this primordial spirit, or soul of the world, has the number 7, the symbol of the eternal goddess.

The Creator's first act was bring order to chaos by enclosing it in a sphere - the most perfect figure in geometry, containing the most space within the least amount of envelope. He then "separated the light from the darkness" That operation is depicted in creative geometry by drawing a circle around a central point and constructing a square inside it. A circle contained within that square has an area of half the original circle, so the light within it and the darkness around it are equal.

Next, according to Genesis, he separated the dry land from the ocean. To imitate that, you divide the inner circle into six parts by use of the compass. Inside it you can then draw a rhombus, a diamond shape made up of two equilateral triangles. This is called the 'vesica piscis', the 'fish vessel', because it looks rather like a fish. The 'vesica' can also be drawn by making two equal circles with the circumference of each passing through the centre of the other. This figure gives birth to many others. It is likened to the female orifice from which life proceeds. The diagram now contains an inner circle and two concentric rings. Their respective areas, beginning at the centre, are 1, 2 and 3.

This diagram has numbers and measures attached to it. The first, outer circle represents the whole universe and the 12 gods or astrological dominants that rule it. Its area is therefore 'factorial 12' - meaning the numbers from 1 to 12 multiplied together. From that you can calculate that the radius of the inner circle is 5,040, or factorial 7.

This inner circle with radius 5,040 (or 1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 5 x 6 x 7) represents the 'sublunary' world, or world beneath the moon, in which we live. It is called the cosmological circle or Holy City diagram. We shall look further into it next week.

Throughout today's article, God is referred to as a "he". But of course the ancients did not always see the Creator as a man. Many worshipped an earth mother - or supreme goddess. Some academics claim that even the notoriously patriarchal, old testament God was once revered as a female!

Zodiac signs for animals - Part Two

Since I questioned animal astrology, several readers have questioned me. Jennifer writes; There's a racehorse farm in Killarney where each foal has its full birth chart prepared. Training then takes this into account. Apparently they get a lot of winners. Sue says she once had three kittens born on the same day with different personalities. She put this down to time (rather than date) of birth. And Stephanie insists her dog, born in April, is a truly typical Aries. Soon, I will look again at all this and at crop circles which have produced a mountain of mail.
Mars - the Red Planet

Mars is growing brighter in the sky with each passing night now. The Red Planet will soon pass closer to the earth than at any point in the last 73,000 years. If you have conflict in your world, clear it up quick!

Happy Birthday!
Jennifer Lopez (Leo born July 24, 1970) People born under the sign of Leo are shy, retiring and unselfconscious, They hide their light under a bushel and find it difficult to cope with a lot of attention. Classic examples include Mick Jagger, Madonna and the most timid wallflower of them all, Jennifer Lopez who turns 33 on Thursday.
Happy birthday also to: Today July 19; Brian May (56), Anthony Edwards (41) and Ilie Nastase (57), Tomorrow July 20; Paul Cook (47), Edmund Hillary (84) and Diana Rigg (65), Monday July 21; Janet Reno (65), Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) (55) and Robin Williams (51), Tuesday July 22; Willem Dafoe (48), Danny Glover (56) and Terence Stamp (64), Wednesday July 23; Slash (Guns ’n’ Roses) (38), Martin Gore (42), Woody Harrelson (42) and Monica Lewinsky (30), Thursday July 24; Lynda Carter (52) and Jennifer Lopez (33), Friday July 25; Iman (48) and Matt LeBlanc (36).


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