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July 21st to July 26th 2003

Karma comment

Despite a fascination with all things Indian, I find it hard to believe that any of us may be paying a “debt” for something done in some forgotten past life. That sounds more like the invention of a perverse human mind than a benign creator. The notion of “Karma” within one lifetime though, makes more sense. I have often seen bad deeds get their come-uppance and good deeds get rewarded.. eventually. Haven’t you? In the light of this, I am forming a new idea about what may happen when Mars comes closer to earth than ever before. More tomorrow.
Natural Justice comment

Yesterday, I was trying to say that in life, you get back what you “put out”. Natural justice can take a long while to come but it never fails to arrive. Over the next few weeks, the planet of conflict and aggression is coming closer to earth than ever before. At first, I feared the obvious. But we have already had our big war and now we are dealing with the consequences. Add this to the fact that Mars is a famous accelerator and suddenly, a new interpretation arises. I shall explain more tomorrow.
Natural Justice - Part Two

Some people seem to get clean away with anything. Others get into constant trouble, even though they are generous souls leading blameless lives. But appearances can be deceptive. There is such a thing as natural justice. It just takes its own sweet time. It is often years or decades before we ever encounter the true consequences of our actions. Right now, though, Mars is speeding up many processes. Individuals (and nations) are getting lessons that might normally them take a lifetime to learn. While that’s intense, it can only be for the good.
Cracking The Cosmic Code by John Michell

Jonathan writes: Sometimes, when articles like this appear, I put them aside intending to read them later. Then I forget and throw the paper away. When the next instalment is printed, I feel frustrated and excluded. If that has been happening to you, don’t worry, you can just dive right in to today’s feature by John Michell… and you should - for he is about to tell us something truly amazing.
PS: Even if you don’t much care for numbers, read on anyway, this is worth the effort.

by John Michell

Last week we looked at the circle of the universe. Its area is 12!(known as ‘12 factorial’), which means the numbers 1 to 12 multiplied together. By two geometric processes, involving the square and the triangle, a smaller circle was developed from this. Its radius is 5,040 or 7!, the first seven numbers multiplied together. This smaller circle represents the earth with its satellite, the moon. 5,040 miles is the sum of the earth’s mean radius (3,960 miles) plus the radius of the moon (1,080 miles).

It is a striking fact of nature that the circles of moon and earth illustrate a primary symbol of creative geometry, the ‘squared circle’. It is a marriage of opposites. The circle is the symbol of eternity and the heavens; the square is the material world of earth. If you can draw them together so that each has the same measure round its perimeter, you have created a squared circle. The diameters of the earth and moon are as 11 to 3. Using these simple numbers, draw their two circles so that they touch each other. Enclose the earth circle in a square, and from its centre draw a circle through the centre of the moon. Taking 22/7 as the value or pi, you can calculate that the circumference of this circle is 44. The square containing the earth circle has a side of 11, so its perimeter is also 44. Its actual measure is 31,680 miles.

To complete the diagram, draw four ‘moons’ at the four quarters of the earth, and add two on each side of them - making 12 in all. The eight added circles pass through the eight points where the square and the circle meet. This basic diagram, the circle squared by the earth and moon, is the key to ancient science and wisdom. It is said to be revealed from time to time. There are many references to it in ancient writings and the architecture of temples. One example is in the last two chapters of the Bible, where St John describes the Heavenly City. It is the ideal geometric pattern of the universe, beautiful, colourful and complete in all its parts. He gave its dimensions, based on the same numbers as in our squared-circle diagram.

In the geometer’s creation story that we are following, certain numbers are specially prominent. The first is 5,040 - the measure in miles of the combined radii of the earth and moon. It is the pivot of the basic numbers 1 to 10, for I x 2 x 3 x 4 x 5 x 6 x 7 = 5040, and 7 x 8 x 9 x 10 = 5040. Plato gave 5,040 as the key to the esoteric diagram behind his ideal state constitution. 5,040 symbolises the female spirit of the world that was there from the beginning.

Cherish Each Moment Story

Dear Jonathan,
Buddhist scriptures tell of a Tibetan astrologer who decided to tell his own future. He took out his charts and discovered he was due to die that very day! “It must be a mistake,” he said. ”I'm in perfect health.” While musing like this, he began absent-mindedly cleaning wax from his ear. Suddenly, a burst of wind blew open the window, striking his arm. The scraper shot through his eardrum, killing him instantly. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso says this is a reminder to cherish each moment as none of us know how long we have!
Best wishes,
Michael, Darlington.
New Moon in Leo

Tuesday brings a new Moon in Leo. For those born under the sign of the Lion, that’s a real heavenly gift. And for the rest of us? It suggests a time when old oppressive circumstances can finally start to improve.

Happy Birthday!
Daniel Radcliffe (Leo born July 31, 1989) and JK Rowling (Leo born July 31, 1965) Some say that Leos like the limelight. It’s not strictly true. What they actually like is to be ‘at the centre of the action’. Daniel Radcliffe, who turns 14 on Thursday, plays a pivotal role in the Harry Potter movies. Harry Potter himself, was also ‘born’ on July 31, as was JK Rowling - who is about to turn 38. A cosmic coincidence? We can only guess. But those who are at the centre of the action know!
Happy birthday also to: Today July 26; Mick Jagger (60), Helen Mirren (58), Roger Taylor (54), Kevin Spacey (44) and Sandra Bullock (39), Tomorrow July 27; Bobbie Gentry (61), Monday July 28; Jim Davis, Garfield creator (58) and Rick Wright, Pink Floyd (58), Tuesday July 29; Willem Dafoe (48), Danny Glover (56) and Terence Stamp (64), Wednesday July 30; Arnold Schwarzenegger (56), Lisa Kudrow (40) and Kate Bush (45), Thursday July 31; Wesley Snipes (41), Jim Corr (39) and Norman Cook (40).


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