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July 28th to July 31st 2003

WOMAD Festival comment

This weekend I had a chance to get close to a god in human form. But I also faced a big temptation. After wrestling with my conscience I decided NOT to watch Jimmy Cliff on the main stage of the WOMAD festival. Instead, I followed a magical path to a tiny tent. There, the living masters of gipsy jazz and country swing were playing to their enraptured devotees. You have never heard of Dan Hicks And His Hot Licks? That’s because truly divine experiences are often closely-guarded secrets. But if you ever seek deep musical fulfilment, remember that name!
Mars Moving Closer to Earth

I spent this weekend at the World of Music and Dance Festival, near Reading. As I stood listening to some of the best music on our planet, I noticed how bright Mars is becoming. Exactly a month from now it will be closer to Earth than ever before. I am taking a few days off to watch it more carefully and to talk about its meaning with some of my colleagues at ‘The Big Green Gathering’ in Somerset. I’ll be back here late next week. Meanwhile, a galaxy of stars will be writing your forecast for you each day.
Mars Begins Long Retrograde - Eric Francis, Guest Astrologer

Jonathan Cainer is on holiday and will return at the end of next week. Today’s guest writer is ERIC FRANCIS, an investigative reporter-turned-astrologer. Eric publishes a weekly internet newsletter examining world affairs through the lens of astrology. It combines political savvy, reporting skills and more than a decade of stargazing experience into a unique perspective on our rather unusual time in history. To find out more, visit Eric’s web page at

Eric Francis writes: Mars began its long retrograde yesterday, which is likely to be testing everyone’s confidence, patience and gumption. But Mars is retrograde in Pisces, which is a message about examining and understanding motives, our own and the ones that get in our face a thousand times a day. Anyone paying attention is noticing that we live in a time of strained credibility, particularly of the idea that ‘television creates reality’. Mars retrograde in Pisces is cosmic permission to ask ourselves boldly, “What is real and what is not?”.

Uranus Comment - Patty Greenall, Guest Astrologer

Jonathan is on holiday and will be back at the end of next week. Today’s guest writer is PATTY GREENALL, a consultant astrologer who writes daily forecasts for Vodafone Live. Originally from Minnesota, USA, Patty has been spiritually influenced by a Chinese mother in a western world, and now resides in London.

Patty Greenall writes: The planet Uranus is said to create unpredictability in our lives, even surprising astrologers. For example, just after its entry into seafaring Pisces last March, there were reports of a very unusual giant squid discovered in New Zealand – bizarre! Mercury, the planet of communication and messages, contacts Uranus today bringing an exciting touch of the unexpected into our personal lives. You probably won’t get any strange creatures in your sink but if you keep your ears pricked, a peculiar bit of information could bring a revelation of a very extraordinary kind. One thing more: try not to give or take anything in the wrong way.

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