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Friday July 11th 2003 -

~ Dancing Stars! ~
by Bernard Fitzwalter

Venus and Mars are at exact trine today, That’s good news for all who have love on their mind... or in their heart. The romance planet and the passion planet have a natural affinity but they are never together in the same part of the sky twice. Their movements resemble those in a rock 'n' roll jive.

Imagine a couple dancing: first he holds his partner close, then she twirls away from him, until they face each other again holding hands at arms' length; he takes a step back as she comes round in front of him, and with another twirl she is back in his arms - all without their hands parting. That's exactly what Venus and Mars are doing this summer. Today they are at trine. They are standing close, in harmony.

Venus then moves on and away, and Mars stays pretty much where he is. By August 26 they will be facing each other across the dance floor of the heavens. Mars will be in reverse by then, so he will be taking a step back while Venus comes round to make another trine, this time from Scorpio (Wow! Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Pisces - that really is sexy, not so much rock 'n' roll but rose-in-the-teeth tango; we must talk more about that nearer the time) and that puts them back in each other's arms again.

So if you now yearn to sweep someone on to the dance floor... or have your world filled with candlelight and flowers, be encouraged. There’s much cosmic opportunity in the months ahead.

A “Trine” may sound like an Australian railway engine but, in astrology, it is an angle between two planets of 120 degrees. We call it a trine because it TRIsects the sky - cutting the zodiac into three equal sections. The ancients, as John Michell explained yesterday, considered triangles powerful. Though a trine is not a right-angled triangle, it can often inspire people to stop looking at life from the wrong angle!

Venus is due to be close to the sun for most of the summer, so she will be hard to see. Mars, though, is now very visible, late at night. The easiest way to spot the red planet, if you are not sure what you are looking for, is to wait till next Thursday. Around midnight, the Moon will rise in the east and Mars will be next to it on the left.

There’s a lot happening in the sky over the next seven days, as our chart explains. Today’s entry highlights the trine that Bernard talks about in his article above. Sunday’s shows the exact moment of the Full Moon. Take a look at Thursday, when Jupiter and Venus form a happy alignment. That’s a clear sign of good fortune for someone. In coming weeks we’ll explain more about how to read these symbols. And of course, if you want to know what they mean to you, just read your daily forecast!

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