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Friday July 25th 2003 -

~ Intergalactic astrology? ~
by Bernard Fitzwalter

One day, a baby is going to be born on the Moon or Mars. That child is going to have a very interesting horoscope. A birth chart, you see, is based on what the sky looks like above your exact birthplace. The sky, viewed from any other place in space, will still contain a zodiac but it will also contain a planet Earth! I wonder what future astrologers will read into that? I wonder too, what they do in other galaxies? Recently, scientists have detected several planets around nearby stars that are capable of supporting life. If the beings there have a culture or a civilisation, they will surely have their own form of heavenly mythology. And they will have noticed a beautiful mathematical relationship between different planetary cycles. No doubt their solar system, like ours, conforms to the simple, elegant mathematical rules John Michell was explaining yesterday. Perhaps they will be awestruck by this brilliant design. Or perhaps, like us, they will arrogantly assume that, in all this endless space, they are the only occupants! We can only guess. But I bet, whatever language those aliens speak when we finally meet them, they turn out to speak astrology too!

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