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Friday July 4th 2003 -

~ David Beckham: Brand New Number, Same Old Luck! ~
by Jonathan Cainer

Astrologers see NO special meaning in the fact that soon, David Beckham will swap his number 7 shirt for a number 23.

The following prediction is based entirely on on astrology, not numerology. Next season, he will play like an angel and score like a demon. Meanwhile, Manchester United will only get mediocre results. Madrid though, will soon warm to their reluctant new hero. Most Spanish players (and fans) doubt the contribution he can make on the pitch and see him mainly as a box office draw . They will soon change their minds. Beckham is only just coming into his prime. It will last, ironically, about as long as his new contract. Four years!

The planets suggest a financial scandal involving members of the Madrid management in 2004. They may yet have to sell their latest acquisition.

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