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Friday June 27th 2003 -
edited by Bernard Fitzwalter

~ Wimbledon ~

Lleyton Hewitt crashed out of the Wimbledon championships a few days ago, upsetting the predictions of a lot of people, both sports writers and astrologers, and including me. When I had looked at Hewitt's chart a few days earlier I hadn't seen anything to prevent him from winning - but I didn't look for anything which would prevent him from losing, either, which was a mistake.

It works like this. When planets of good fortune offer support to your own chart, you do well, and when restrictive planets stick their oar in, you have problems. Easy. But these things don't happen instantly; they fade in and out over days or weeks, with a peak period in the middle. On the day when the influences are at their most intense, they usually get a mention in the horoscope for that day, but the chances are that you'll still be feeling the effect for several days afterwards. Which means that if you re-read your horoscope from a few days ago, it may make more sense!

Lleyton Hewitt isn't getting much planetary help at the moment, hence his unexpectedly poor performance. Amongst the other contenders, Andre Agassi is getting good support via Mars, the planet of athletic energy, so he should play well, though whether he wins or not is a different question. And the Williams sisters? Well, one is just past a planetary peak, and the other is just approaching one, so it will be interesting to see which does better. If the weather holds good, and the Ladies' final is played on its scheduled day, then the planets should give the advantage to Venus - but we must wait and see.

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