Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

March 1st to March 7th 2003

Start afresh with a new moon

How are you doing with your New Year resolution? If you have been doing well you should find it even easier now that Saturn has changed direction. If notÖ Monday brings a New Moon, and thatís a great time for starting afresh.

Happy Birthday!
Miranda Richardson (b. March 3, 1958) Jupiterís rare opposition to Neptune has brought amazing success to the lives of many Pisceans lately. Those who have yet to be touched by the magic will feel it soon. The fortunes of Miranda Richardson, who turns 45 on Monday, have definitely been on the rise recently. I confidently predict that her future is set to become even hotter.
Happy birthday also this week to: Today; Roger Daltrey (59),Ron Howard (49), Nik Kershaw (45), Catherine Bach (49) and Mike D'Abo (59) Sunday; Lou Reed (61), Jon Bon Jovi (41) and Tom Wolfe (72) Monday; Herschel Walker (41), Jessica Biel (21) and Miranda Richardson (45) Tuesday; Miriam Makeba (71), Chris Squire (55), Patsy Kensit (41), Chastity Bono (34), Kay Lenz (50) and Mary Wilson (59) Wednesday; Dean Stockwell (67), Niki Taylor (28), Samantha Eggar (65) and John Frusciante (32) Thursday; Kiri Te Kanawa (59), Tom Arnold (44), Shaquille O'Neal (31), David Gilmour (57) and Rob Reiner (56) Friday; Lord Snowdon (73), Daniel J. Travanti (63), Tammy Faye Bakker (61) and Ivan Lendl (43).

Suffering from Saturn-itis?

Have you forgotten your 2003 resolution? Do you no longer believe in your ambition? Are you at an impasse? Is an argument going nowhere? Could a relationship use new wind in its sails? Does a project seem pointless? If you can answer yes to any of the above you are probably suffering from Saturn-itis. Other symptoms include an aggravated sense of pessimism and futility. Happily, thereís a natural cure. This week brings a brand new moon plus the arrival of Mercury, Venus and Mars in fresh signs of the zodiac. Expect, soon, to feel much more inspired and refreshed.
World War II astrologer

Just before World War II, a famous astrologer with an impressive track record, made a daring prophecy. He promised there would be peace. His newspaper proudly printed this - and that was his reputation down the drain. But er... I still think the planets are starting to look less warlike. I suppose thereís always the fact that Uranus (planet of sudden upheaval) enters a new sign next week. But to me this says more about a United Nations in turmoil than a big battle. Anyway, if THAT doesnít trigger trouble it will be months till the next big cosmic catalyst.
Judging how people look

Sometimes, we forget.
We start to judge people by what they look like.
If we like the look of them, we forgive them almost anything.
If we donít, we blame them for almost everything.
We close off our hearts.
We close off our minds.
We grow fearful and cold.
Then if we are lucky,
Something opens us up again.
And we remember.
The impact of a smile

I will not bleed if you cut yourself. You will not feel my pain if I get hurt. Yet with little more than a look, we can have a big impact on each other. If you smile at a passing stranger, they may smile at someone else. If that someone else is then inspired to send a cheery e-mail, your smile could race around the world. The same goes for negativity. If you frown at someone and they pass it on, who knows what it may become. Coming cosmic events should show how we are all connected in more ways than we think.
Anti-war email complaint

I am emailing you to tell you this is the last time I will look at your web site. I have been reading all you anti-war remarks and thinking well he has a right to his opinion. I even keep from writing when you had a picture of President Bush dressed as a cowboy with his back to Saddam in military dress.(I did not think it was cute or funny) You were not in our country when the towers were attacked on US soil. Yes we have several reasons to strike back just ask their family members. I still believe every one has a right to their opinion, but when you start your anti war tact's on your web page it is no longer an astrology web site. You know very little if anything about Saddam and your country has not been under attack. So keep your web site and do whatever you want with it I won't be back. I know this will not hurt you in any way but it makes me feel better to let you know that some of us love our country enough to die for it if need be. Long live the Queen? Proud to be an American. And proud that George W. Bush is the man in charge. Joyce

Er... it wasnít Saddam who attacked America. It was Osama. I know the two names sound a little similar, but...


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