Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

March 8th to March 14th 2003

Venus caught in the crossfire

Jupiter and Neptune remain opposed to each other in the sky. Venus, this week, gets caught in the crossfire. For lovers, dreamers and wide-eyed idealists itís an excellent time.

Happy Birthday!
Freddie Prinze Jr. (b. March 8, 1976) Pisces. Pisceans are having quite a year and it ainít over yet. In June Mars, the power planet, will start to pass slowly through their sign. In August it will pass closer to Earth than at any point in the last 73,000 years. Freddie Prinz Jr., who turns 27 today is just one of the many who start to become a force to be reckoned with.

Happy birthday also this week to: Today; Carole Bayer Sager (56), Micky Dolenz (58) and Lynn Redgrave (60) Sunday; Bobby Fischer (60), Robin Trower (58), Emmanuel Lewis (32), Lil Bow Wow (16) and Juliette Binoche (39) Monday; Chuck Norris (63), Sharon Stone (45), Edie Brickell (37) and Prince Edward (39) Tuesday; Rupert Murdoch (72), Thora Birch (21) and Bobby McFerrin (53) Wednesday; Liza Minnelli (57), James Taylor (55), Graham Coxon (34), Marlon Jackson (46) and Paul Kantner (62) Thursday; Neil Sedaka (64), William H. Macy (53) and Adam Clayton (43) Friday; Michael Caine (70), Quincy Jones (70), Billy Crystal (56) and Prince Albert (45).

Uranus - god of the heavens

We have been taught to think of our planet as a cold lump of rock, spinning mechanically in space. But to the ancients, she was a living, breathing Goddess. The Greeks called her Gaea, the mother of all creation. Suddenly, one day, she gave birth to Uranus - god of the heavens. Later, he became her lover and, thus, the father of many mythological figures... including Cronos (Saturn) and Zeus. Uranus then, is no minor deity. His movement into a new sector of the sky is a very big deal - as I shall explain over the next few days.
Uranus - part two

Twelve zodiac signs, seven wandering lights in the sky. Thatís the way it was till William Herschel looked through a telescope in 1781 and found a brand new planet. Astrologers were amazed. What could it mean? After all, there was already a celestial symbol for every item and experience on earth. But a few months later, the first hot air balloon took off and suddenly, people could fly. Uranus immediately became linked to rapid technological transformation. In 1995, it moved into Aquarius and the word ďInternetĒ crept into our language. It has just moved signs again. Whatís next? Letís talk tomorrow.
Uranus - part three

Aquarius may be the sign of the water bearer but it is an air sign, ruled by Uranus, planet of flight and of Ďairwavesí. Since 1995, Uranus has been IN Aquarius weaving a world wide web of computers and mobile phones. Now, weíre all linked up but we still donít feel very connected. We only communicate intellectual information. As Uranus moves into watery Pisces, we can expect hi-tech to be replaced by high-passion. People will soon start wanting to use technology to help them get much, much closer.
Uranus - part four

Back when Uranus entered the sign of the water-bearer, some people thought we were about to see the dawn of the age of Aquarius. But as we now watch the news, it seems a time of global peace is as far away as ever. We seem to be reverting to all the old attitudes. Yet sometimes, the darkest hour is just before dawn. One reason why we feel uncomfortable is because we are recognising injustices that once, we just turned a blind eye to. Oddly, as Uranus moves into the sign of dreams, the world is waking up.
Uranus - part four

When the cosmic furniture is rearranged the room of life it can become almost unrecognisable. Think of what happens when you pull out a cupboard in a fitted kitchen. Instead of a smooth clean surface, you can see pools of grime which have been there all along, festering unseen. As Uranus moves into Pisces, people are suddenly noticing the futility of fighting fire with fire or using violence to defeat violence. This is making them feel afraid and uncomfortable. But when you can see what you need to see you are half way towards solving your problem.


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