Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

March 15th to March 21st 2003

Strong emotions with full moon

A powerful full moon will trigger strong emotions in many people this week. Soon, there will be much passion, much honesty and much new celebration.

Happy Birthday!
Bruce Willis (born March 19, 1955, Pisces) Pisceans are famous for their fluidity. They can talk tough and appear impassive, but it is all a bit of a false front designed to disguise their adaptability. Bruce Willis, who turns 48 on Wednesday, is a case in point.

Happy birthday also this week to: Today; Judd Hirsch (68),Sly Stone (59), Ry Cooder (56), Fabio (42) and Mike Love (62) Sunday; Jerry Lewis (77), Erik Estrada (54) and Flavor Flav (44) Monday; Paul Kantner (62), John Sebastian (69), Patrick Duffy (54), Kurt Russell (52), Rob Lowe (39), Patti Boyd (59), Billy Corgan (36) and Lesley-Anne Down (49) Tuesday; Irene Cara (44), Will Durst (51), Wilson Pickett (62), Queen Latifah (33), John Updike (71) and Vanessa Williams (40) Wednesday; Patrick McGoohan (75), Ursula Andress (67), Glenn Close (56) and Philip Roth (70) Thursday; Holly Hunter (45), William Hurt (53) and Spike Lee (46) Friday; Timothy Dalton (59), Matthew Broderick (41), DJ Premier (34), Rosie O'Donnell (41) and Gary Oldman (45).

Dream - reality TV for national leaders

Last night, I dreamed I was watching TV. There was a big bus full of national leaders like Colonel Qadafi, Kim Jong II, Robert Mugabe, Fidel Castro, Saddam Hussein and, of course, Osama (though we didn’t see much of him.) Every week, one got voted off the show. A panel of international judges gave opinions and made resolutions but the final say was with Tony and George... who just kept making phone calls till they got their way. Then I woke up and decided reality was even more bizarre.
Yearning for peace

Tension is rising. So is fear. But so too, is something else. A genuine, heartfelt yearning for peace is beginning to emerge across the globe. Millions now inwardly pray for a more tolerant, less violent world. Soon, millions more will also start to seek love, light, compassion, forgiveness. They may even come to see that true freedom is freedom from prejudice! I predict a glorious future... just as soon as we stop hanging on to our anger about the past.
Truth and compassion - casualties of war

Truth is not the first casualty of war. It is the second. The first is compassion. As soon as war is declared, positions are polarised. “THEY are wrong. THEY deserve to die.” “WE are right. WE are entitled to kill.” Such chilling sentiments belong to our primitive past, not our enlightened future. The current conflict has one blessing. It takes place against a climate of disagreement. The propaganda machine isn’t brainwashing us properly. We can see innocents about to die. And we cannot see how this can be right. Awareness is the first step to change. Change will yet come.
Email from worried reader

Dear Jonathan,
I am so worried. The world is at war. Terrorists could strike at any moment. The UN is in turmoil. Is this the beginning of the end?” Johanna.
Dear Johanna,
No. It is just the beginning of a new beginning. The world, later this century, will slowly lose its appetite for physical conflict. There’ll be less belligerence, bombing and bloodshed, more consciousness, compassion and communication. The events of this year will be one big reason why attitudes change. But though times are intense, our world has a wonderful future. And so do you.
War comment

Many people are now trying to ignore the war. The thought upsets them too much so they skip past the news till they reach lighter pages like this. Who can blame them? One way or another, it is what we all do. Wars are taking place all the time, somewhere on this planet. So too, are the most unspeakable atrocities and flagrant breaches of international law. It’s just that now, far more of us than usual are noticing. That, actually, is rather hopeful.


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