Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

March 29th to March 31st 2003

Aries new moon comment

No matter what sign you are, you may care to look at this week’s Aries forecast. It explains something about the power of the coming New Moon. While those words are especially significant for people born under the Ram, in one way they apply right now to the whole world.

Happy Birthday!
Ewan McGregor, Aries (born March 31, 1971) To be born under the sign of Aries is to be impulsive, energetic and excitable – or so we are led to believe. Actually, beyond all else, it is to be confident. Ewan McGregor, who turns 32 on Monday, is confident of his talent. He also has good reason to be confident of his future.

Happy birthday also this week to: Today; Jennifer Capriati (27), Elle MacPherson (39), Eric Idle (60), Sunday; Eric Clapton (58), Celine Dion (35), Rolf Harris (73), Warren Beatty (66), Monday; Herb Alpert (68), Christopher Walken (60), Tuesday; Hannah Spearitt (22), Wednesday; Emmylou Harris (56), Dana Carvey (48) Thursday; Doris Day (79), Tony Orlando (59), Alec Baldwin (45), Eddie Murphy (42) Friday; Maya Angelou (75), Robert Downey Jr (38).

Two wrongs don't make a right

Two wrongs can never make a right.
But good can come from any situation, no matter how bad.
Despite all that’s happening, I remain deeply optimistic about the future.
The people of our world are learning a vital lesson... albeit the hard way.
We are discovering that violence really does not get us what we want.
Nor does it solve our problems.
Nor does it win us friends.
Nor does it scare our enemies.
That HAS to be a very good thing to learn.


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