Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

May 1st to May 3rd 2003

Talking to Dolphins

Talking to dolphins is a bit like talking to the dead. You can never be quite sure whether you are just imagining things. Even so, sometimes, you just have to try. That’s how I felt as I stood by the water and ‘reached out’ with my mind. I can’t tell you whether the following conversation was real or imaginary. But it felt real. And there was a dolphin, looking right at me. “What do you want to know?” “Do dolphins have a message for the humans?” “Of course!” Came the reply. And then... there was a splash – as a series of bubbles emerged from a blow-hole....
Dolphins a message for humans

“In many ways,” said my new found friend, “If you want to know whether dolphins really have a message for humans, you are in the wrong place. Asking me is like inviting an inmate of some top security gaol to speak for all humanity. My own message is simple. Don’t lock us up, please.” “But aren’t you in touch with the wider community?” I asked. He (sort of) nodded and explained that, just as prisoners get to watch TV, captive dolphins get messages from free dolphins who pass nearby. More on Monday.
Jonathan away - Eric Francis, guest astrologer

Jonathan is away. He returns on Monday. Your forecasts today are by the leading American astrologer ERIC FRANCIS. Eric edits Planet Waves, a monthly horoscope magazine Eric, a specialist in the astrology of the minor planet Chiron, lives on Vashon Island, near Seattle.

Happy Birthday!
George Clooney (Taurus born May 6, 1961) George Clooney, the down-to-earth Taurus poster child, turns 42 on Tuesday. With Mars in Aquarius going through the most dynamic aspects in his chart – contacting his friendly, outgoing Aquarius Moon and expansive, magnanimous Aquarius Jupiter – he’s going to be at his most inventive and passionate this year. Passionate about what? For sure, his social vision and his friends. Clooney is a man for whom his friends are more important than even his work, and this is a year when they’re likely to find out.
Happy birthday also this week to: Today May 3; James Brown (70) and Mary Hopkin (53), Tomorrow May 4; Randy Travis (44), Monday May 5; Michael Palin (60), Tuesday May 6; Bob Seger (58) and Tony Blair (50), Wednesday May 7; Janis Ian (53), Thursday May 8; Peter Benchley (63) and Enrique Iglesias (28), Friday May 9; Albert Finney (67), Glenda Jackson (67), Candice Bergen (57) and Billy Joel (54).


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