Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

May 12th to May 17th 2003

Lunar Eclipse

Last week, I mentioned the invisible planet which some expect to pass close by, creating chaos this Thursday. Weirdly, a cult in Japan are also convinced that Thursday will be our last day... unless a seal with special powers called “Tama Chan” swims in a ritually prepared pool. Now Thursday actually IS important. It brings a lunar eclipse. But most sensible people are quite sure that the end cannot possibly be due this week. The Mayan calendar doesn’t run out till 2012!
Mayan calendar

When I suggested yesterday, that the world was due to end in 2012, I was merely making a light-hearted reference to a popular misconception. Lots of people think that the Mayan civilisation left us a calendar which ‘runs out’, nine years from now. Actually, it doesn’t. It just enters a new phase. But apparently, some readers have taken me seriously! For the record, the world will be here for many millennia to come. So too, I fear, will be people who seem to get a perverse thrill out of doom-mongering!
Jeremy Sandford obituary

One of the kindest, cleverest, craziest people I ever met left Earth at the weekend. Jeremy Sandford (1934 - 2003) wrote two pioneering TV dramas in the UK; Cathy Come Home and Edna The Inebriate Woman. Both of these helped a lot of us to understand problems that we had previously been prone to ignore. But that, far more than any quest for conventional success, was Jeremy’s mission in life. He helped to shape some legendary ‘alternative arts and music events’ and gave shelter to many gipsies and new-age travellers who could find few other friends.
Eclipse of the Moon

Here is today's news from the sky.
  • If you live in the USA: the Moon is full tonight and you should be able to see it totally eclipsed, by the earth's shadow, in the early evening on the West Coast - and getting on for bedtime on the East coast.
  • If you live in Europe, the eclipse will be in the small hours of Friday morning. Stay up late or get up early.
  • If you are in Australia - the eclipse will occur before the Moon rises on friday evening - so you won't be able to see it. But you will still feel the influence in your life.
And wherever you live... there'll be an impressive Full moon to see. Be amazed and inspired. And be glad that so far at least, nobody has developed technology capable of projecting adverts onto the lunar surface. Though I fear it is only a matter of time.
Charts for Twins comment

Dear Jonathan,
My twin sister and I were born seven minutes apart. Can our charts really tell us apart?”

Dear Lacey,
Two unrelated babies born so close would have big differences in their upbringing and genetic inheritance. Their charts would give them some similar interests and tendencies but there would be no mixing them up. Twins though, have far more in common. That’s why they start to claim ‘psychological territory’ from an early age. Wherever there’s a gap, they instinctively strive to make it a gulf. Astrologers, looking ‘blind’ at the charts of twins can usually tell which is which.

Neptune and Mercury comment

As the full moon begins to wane, Neptune and Mercury stand still in the sky. As above, so below. Many people feel frozen. They just can’t make the progress they seek. But change is coming, sooner than we think.

Happy Birthday!
Chow Yun-Fat (Taurus born May 18, 1955) To be Taurean is to be instinctively elegant. They are subtle yet sensual, patient yet passionate. Chow Yun-Fat, who turns 48 tomorrow, is a classic example. And he is only just coming into his prime. His star has already risen in the east. And I predict it will soon rise much higher in the west.
Happy birthday also this week to: Today May 17; Enya (42) and Dennis Hopper (67), Tomorrow May 18; Pope John Paul II (83), Monday May 19; Grace Jones (51) and Pete Townshend (58), Tuesday May 20; Busta Rhymes (31), Cher (57) and Joe Cocker (59), Wednesday May 21; Judge Reinhold (46), Thursday May 22; Naomi Campbell (33) and Morrissey (44), Friday May 23; Joan Collins (70) and Marvin Hagler (51).


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