Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

November 1st to November 8th 2003

SATURDAY November 1
Stark Raving

Last weekend, in the early hours of the morning, a New York artist called Spencer Tunick turned up at Grand Central Station with 450 naked women! They proceeded to strike a series of group eccentric poses, which he photographed for posterity. During the summer, at Selfridges' Oxford Street store in London, Tunick led hundreds of naked men and women through a similar process. All were volunteers, unashamed of their bodies and delighted to take part in an artistic project. It's nice to feel that this is proof of how, as we move towards the long predicted Aquarian age, repressive old inhibitions are being swept away. But if Spencer and his artistic assistants had turned up in Inverness, they would by now be sharing a cell with Stephen Gough, a determined Taurean. This poor man believes it is a basic human right to walk about as nature created us. He was attempting to assert this innocent belief by walking nude from Land's End to John O'Groats when he got interred without trial for months by the prudish Scottish authorities. Just imagine if Michelangelo's statue of David was ever to go on an international tour. When it got near Loch Ness, it would have to wear a pair of Y-fronts!.
MONDAY November 3
Daily Mirror Centenary and Sun Sign

It is not just people who have birth charts. Pop groups and political parties have them too; as do buildings, businesses, nations and newspapers. The charts are read a little differently but the principles are similar. Anything that has a 'moment of birth' can have a horoscope. The very first Daily Mirror, where my forecasts appear every day in the UK, hit the streets 100 years ago yesterday. It is a loyal, honest Scorpio with Mercury (communication) in Libra (sign of social conscience). It has Moon in Aries (headstrong and passionate), Venus in Virgo (immmense discrimination) plus Jupiter in Pisces (a wonderful ability to reflect changing moods and fashions).
TUESDAY November 4
Mrs Veena Minocha - Doorway to Heaven

This weekend brings a rare alignment of planets in the shape of a six pointed star. Astrologers all over the world are deeply excited about what it heralds. Today, and through the rest of the week, I will be inviting experts from across the globe to share their view of the event. We begin today with Mrs Veena Minocha, astrologer for the Hindustan Times:

Doorway To Heaven by Mrs Veena Minocha
"This is, make no mistake, the greatest shift of consciousness ever. The period between November 8 and 23 is a very special time, when Humanity will be assisted by all the Heavenly Beings of Light to catapult their consciousness into the Fifth Dimensional Level. After the Lunar Eclipse on November 8, a rare Galactic Alignment will build powerful Cosmic Energies which will gather momentum until the Solar Eclipse on November 23. The Star of David formation in the Heavens will be the harbinger of unprecedented showers of frequencies of Divine Consciousness. This will have the effect of opening up a multidimensional portal of Divine Consciousness into the Heart and Mind of the Mother-Father God Principle, the Cosmic 'I AM', All That Is! Every man, woman and child will be treated to a rare glimpse into the remembrance of their own Divinity, and the Oneness of all Life. The Light of Divine Consciousness will be shining forcefully through the Mental Strata of the Earth, and a portal into the Divine Mind of God will open within the mental bodies of all humanity. The new Solar frequencies of the Fifth Dimension will thus become available to all those who choose it! These frequencies are aligned with the Ascended Master frequencies, and will hum in tune with the patterns of perfection in the Causal Body of God. This is, make no mistake, the greatest shift of consciousness ever to be attempted by the Heavenly Beings of Light, for all humans to take advantage of. This gigantic shift of consciousness was very essential to the Divine Plan of anchoring the Light of God on to the planet, to transform the Earth, as well as all humans, for if this was not done, it would be like trying to change the image of humanity in a mirror, without changing the human himself who is causing that reflection. Outer-worldly situations can only change if there is corresponding change in the minds and hearts of men. When every soul on the planet remembers the Oneness of all Life, and that if we harm another, we are in actuality harming ourselves, then this profound truth will open up the panoramic, mind-blowing concepts of the interconnectedness, inter relatedness, and the ultimate inter-dependent-ness of soul and soul. Can you imagine how people will interact once the profoundness of this truth pervades their consciousness?"
Jonathan adds: I do hope Veena is right, although I am not personally quite as optimistic. Tomorrow, we'll look at the harmonic concurrence from another perspective.

WEDNESDAY November 5
Eric Francis - Chiron: Return of the Wounded Hero

This weekend brings a spectacular eclipse of the Moon. You will be able to watch it (weather permitting) from anywhere in Britain. And this is just a small 'visible section' of a much greater astrological drama. The eclipse forms part of the Harmonic Concordance, a rare alignment of planets in the shape of a six-pointed star. Yesterday, on this page, Indian astrologer Veena Minocha predicted it will bring 'the greatest shift of consciousness ever'. Many other astrologers agree. But as my colleague, Bernard Fitzwalter, explained here a few weeks ago, the alignment only 'works' if you include a comparatively small celestial body called Chiron. When Bernard dared to cast doubt on this, outraged letters began to flood in from all over the world. Here today, to redress the balance, is a leading American astrologer from Seattle.

Chiron: Return of the Wounded Hero by Eric Francis
In November 1977, a small object was identified orbiting our Sun. It is little bigger than an asteroid, but it lives far from the famous asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Instead, it describes a lonely, eccentric path through the vast tract of space between Saturn and Uranus. It soon gained the name Chiron, after the half-horse, half-man of Greek myth. Astrologers like myself feel that Chiron (about 180 km across) has properties of an asteroid, comet AND a planet, befitting his blended human/animal nature. Some astrologers noticed the new planet immediately and began casting the planet into the charts of their clients. They observed that wherever we have Chiron placed in our birth chart, we have the strength to be different from others. Someone with a 'strong Chiron' will often have unusual charisma and a deep dedication to world service. Astrological events involving Chiron often seem to involve turning points in our lives that come out nowhere, and from which we emerge with greater spiritual awareness. While the astrology community is still debating Chiron, he appears to be here to stay. We Chiron fans feel that resistance parallels the world's reluctance to embrace the idea that we are each responsible for our own healing and, in the end, each responsible for the healing of our planet. Chiron has piqued the curiosity of astrologers a lot faster than Pluto, which was discovered in 1930 and as late as 1978 was still being rejected from many official astrology publications. Today though, no Western astrologer would doubt the power and relevance of Pluto, with whom Chiron shares many astrological properties.

In ancient lore, Chiron was a 'wounded healer' who became a renowned surgeon and herbalist, and also the teacher of great heroes like Jason, Achilles, and Heracles... and Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine. Chiron is the root of the word chiropractic, a form of hands-on healing.

THURSDAY November 6
John Michell - A Marriage in the Heavens

This coming weekend, extraordinary things are happening in the skies around us. One of them is an eclipse of the moon. That is not a rare thing in itself. What is remarkable is that it coincides with an event that we have never seen before and will not recur within our lifetimes.
It is known as the Harmonic Concordance. Six planets will appear equally spaced in a ring, forming a hexagram or six-pointed star. Jonathan has much to say about this from the astrologer's point of view. He has asked me to comment on its numerical significance.
The hexagram is a symbol of marriage, the mutual attraction between two opposites and their perfect union, It is made up of two triangles, one pointing upwards and the other down. This figure has a special meaning in the story of Creation. It signifies the order that governs the universe. Examples of the hexagon in nature include the structure of snowflakes and the cells of a honeycomb.
Six is called the marriage number for another reason. It unites the first even number, 2; with the first truly odd, 3, for 2 x 3 =. 6 (One is the unit behind all number and is is regarded as neither odd nor even). In sexual symbolism odd numbers are male and even numbers female.
Six is also a perfect number, meaning that it is the sum of its factors, the numbers that divide into it. Its factors are 1, 2 and 3, and these add up to 6. The second perfect number is 28. which is the sum of 1,2,4, 7 and 14. There are 28 days in the lunar and female cycle.
The simultaneous occurrence of a heavenly hexagon and a lunar eclipse brings together the perfect numbers 6 and 28. You could hardly imagine a more happy coincidence than that.
Two triangle, the light above and the dark below, touch and then embrace each other, creating a six-pointed star that represents the perfect union of opposites.
My friend Rupert Sheldrake has offered to take over this Thursday space for a few weeks while I take a rest. He is a brilliant scientist and a very rare one, because he understands the reality of spirit in the universe. He will be asking you to take part in his experiments to prove that reality. I think this is the most interesting science of our time.
FRIDAY November 7
Bernard Fitzwalter - Harmonic Concordance comment

The Harmonic Concordance starts right here, right now! It's time to light joss sticks, bang gongs, chant mantras and join psychic forces with all, across this globe, who yearn for a rise in consciousness. While the planets form a six-pointed star in the sky this weekend, the Full Moon will be totally eclipsed. It is a time of exceptional solar flares too. Some new age pundits have predicted that 'beings of light' will then descend to show us how we can replace fear with love, and separation with trust. A little far-fetched? Well, Bernard Fitzwalter our technical expert, is normally a little disparaging about such claims. Yet as he explains here today... there may just be something in it..
SATURDAY November 8
Jonathan Cainer, Bernard Fitzwalter, Uri Geller - Harmonic Concordance

Here Comes the Big Event by Jonathan Cainer
New-agers think this weekend's rare Harmonic Concordance will cause 'beings of light' to open a door to higher consciousness. So if your third eye opens and you start to levitate you'll now know why. But I suspect this six-pointed star in the sky will have a more subtle impact. We will have momentary flashes of warmth and inspiration. Stray, happy thoughts which light up our lives. Eclipses can take over six months for their force to be felt. They often herald a dramatic change of agenda. A shift of power. A loss of strength. An end to an era. This eclipse takes place at the 16th degree of Taurus. Those who were born with the Sun on or near this position will be affected most strongly. Which means, mainly, people born on May 6. Like, for example, just to pick a name at random, Tony Blair.

What you can see by Bernard Fitzwalter
If the clouds aren't too thick, we should get a great view of the eclipse at around 1.20am on Saturday night/Sunday morning. The Sun can't be seen, of course, because it's below the horizon at night, and so is tiny Chiron, which you always need a super-powerful telescope to see. But Mars, Jupiter and Saturn should all be out. So four out of the six corners of the hexagon are visible. By about 10pm the Full Moon will be high in the south, with Mars lower down and well to the west of it. To the left and below the Moon is Orion, then a single clear 'star', which is Saturn. Saturn is as far to the left of the moon as Mars is to the right: That's the point of the Harmonic Concordance. The planets are at exactly even spaces around the sky. Mars will set around 1am, slipping below the horizon just as the Moon is being eclipsed. Minutes later, Jupiter will rise in the east.

What You Can Do by Uri Geller
The Star of David is the most important of all spiritual symbols to me. It represents not only my Jewish faith but also the connections that bind all life in the universe. Every point on the star is linked to every other point by clean, straight lines, a vivid reminder that we are all part of the same design, however distant we might seem on the surface. When we pray, we are not alone. Our hopes and thoughts pulse naturally into the universal flow of energy. That's how prayer nourishes our spirits and gives us strength. Join with me this weekend, as the planets form a celestial Star of David, and let our prayers mingle with those of millions, all around the world, who see this Harmonic Concordance as a chance to bring world peace just a little closer


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