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November 24th to November 29th 2003

MONDAY November 24
Moon Tongue comment

Last week, a reader asked about spots on the tongue that change with phases of the moon. Many have written to suggest that this is a condition known as 'Geographical tongue'. Some say it is stress related or due to a deficiency of vitamin B. Others say doctors can't treat it, only dentists. Apparently, in traditional Chinese medicine, it is a sign of 'Liver Qi stagnation' while in India it is believed to be a sign of prescient powers! But nobody seems to have performed a test to see if those moving spots really do correlate with the Moon..
TUESDAY November 25
Harmonic Concordance conclusion comment

The concordance has concluded. The planets are no longer forming the shape of a six-pointed star. The 'eclipse portal' has closed. Those whose unresolved issues were not sorted out over the past two weeks will reach completion and clarity in the months ahead. Meanwhile a set of seeds has been sown. Recently-laid plans will prove potent and babies born during this special time will one day help to raise the consciousness of the world. Edward and Sophie please note. Call her what you will, her real name is Harmony!.
WEDNESDAY November 26
World of Alternatives by Mark Winter

Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto believes that water has a message for us all, to look inside ourselves for answers. His amazing photographs of water have had a profound effect on all those who understand their implications. Water, he has demonstrated by photographing microscopic frozen crystals, can store and communicate both message and meaning. His pioneering work began decades ago. Whilst pondering the fact that no two snowflakes are alike, he decided to probe the nature of water to see if you could unlock a similar mystery.
In London, this week, Dr Emoto told me he knew he had a "message for the world" when his pictures revealed that water not only responded to prayer, but was also structurally affected by music, photographs and even individual words. He is dismayed at the scepticism shown by fellow scientists for his breathtaking photographs. "My aim is to get other researchers to replicate my experiments so that they can understand their significance.
"At the moment I have had to choose the path of art instead of science, and people have been moved by the beauty of water. We are made mostly of water and the truths I have unlocked resonate in people."
He takes heart, though, from the great physicist Albert Einstein whom he quotes, 'Within mysterious beauty, there is truth'. Emoto says: "Water is a mirror. It reflects our state of mind." He believes water will unlock a new medicine for the new millennium where non-invasive vibrational medicine, like homeopathy, will turn us all into natural healers. Dr Emoto's team have used their research to help heal thousands of people by tuning into the frequencies of their ailments and neutralising them with healing energy. For more information, visit:

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THURSDAY November 27
Animal Instinct by Rupert Sheldrake

Many cat owners are convinced that their animals can pick up when they are planning to take them to the vet. Jean Segal, in London, told me: "I was always most careful to give my cat no clues when we were due to visit the vet, but from the moment I got up in the morning she viewed me with suspicion. She was very wary of me, not her usual loving self, and as the time to leave home approached she would try to escape."
I heard so many stories like this that I made a survey of all the vets listed in the North London Yellow Pages. Sixty-four out of 65 said people often cancelled appointments because they could not find their cat. The remaining clinic had given up an appointment system for cats because cancellations happened so often. People just had to turn up with their animal. To avoid giving any clues, several people have even tried phoning the vet from work, but the cats still seemed to know.
Dogs, too, often sense when their owners intend to take them for a walk. No one thinks this strange if it happens at a routine time, or if the dog sees them picking up the lead. But some people have found that they if they just think about going for a walk, the dog will bound into the room eagerly, even if it is not at a normal time. In filmed experiments, we have shown that some dogs can pick up their owner's intentions to go for walks at randomly-chosen times, even when the dogs are confined to an outbuilding.
Pet telepathy is widespread. In my surveys of pet owners in Britain and America, 45 per cent of dog owners and 32 per cent of cat owners said their animal is sometimes telepathic with them. Many pets seem to know when their owners are planning to go on holiday, even before they start packing. And some seem to know when they are coming home, and go to wait at a door or window.
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Dr Rupert Sheldrake is a biologist and the author of Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home, And Other Unexplained Powers of Animals (Arrow, £7.99)
His website is

FRIDAY November 28
Seeds Sown By the Ancients by Bernard Fitzwalter

Dear Jonathan,
Why do you get other astrologers to answer reader's questions every Friday? Don't you know the answers? And if you don't, why should we take your forecasts seriously? Just wondering.

Dear Sam,
Ouch! That's a bit harsh. I just happen to believe that two heads are often better than one. When doctors come across patients with unusual symptoms, they will refer them to a specialist for a second opinion. Likewise, different astrologers have different areas of expertise. So er.. here's Bernard today.. with the answer to another question!

Dear Bernard,
I've been reading about the lost city that has been discovered in the Andes, close to Machu Picchu. Apparently it is aligned to the Pleiades star cluster. What do you think of this?

Bernard Fitzwalter writes:Would you like the sensible answer, or the slightly wilder one? The sensible answer is that the rising and setting of the Pleiades were used by almost every ancient culture to mark the seasons of the year and to determine the starting point for the calendar, and for the planting or harvesting of important crops. The Pleiades rise just before the sun during May, so can be seen as a sign of spring or the onset of summer, depending on where you are. The slightly wilder answer is that in some accounts the Pleiades are where celestial visitors came from in pre-historic times. If you want to go down this line, you'll be pleased to know that to one Paraguayan tribe the Pleiades are known as the Grandfather, the stars of their ancestors. Coincidence? Or something else?
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SATURDAY November 29
Christmas Gifts for Water Signs

It's that time of year again. So, beginning this week, here's our guide to the ideal gift for each sign click here.


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