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Friday October 10th 2003
Harmonic Concordance on November 9th

Dear Jonathan,
I keep hearing about some rare, amazing planetary alignment on November 9. What's going on? Beth

Dear Beth,
It WILL be a special time. Some people on the internet are calling it a 'Harmonic Concordance' and expecting trans-dimensional 'portals' to open up. But then, that's people on the internet for you. There'll be more on this topic soon. But to begin with, here's our technical expert, Bernard Fitzwalter, with the basic facts.

A Star in the Stars by Bernard Fitzwalter
Around November 9, six planets will align at equal distances around the zodiac, forming the shape of a hexagon, or a six-point star; or, if you prefer, two overlapping triangles like the Star of David. When the pattern is complete, there will be not just the usual one or two, but 15 astrologically significant alignments applying simultaneously. And we will see the moon is being eclipsed at the same time.

Lots of celestial energy, then, but what does it all mean?

According to some, this is a point at which the cosmos harmonises with itself, opening up dimensions not previously visible, a bit like getting the keyholes in several doors all lined up so that you can see all the way to the end of the corridor. And if that happens, they say, we could all ascend to higher realms. It is, without doubt, a powerful planetary pattern, and since it is balanced and harmonious, it must be an indication for good; but let's not get too carried away.

'Star of David' alignments, though unusual, aren't so rare that we've never seen them before: they occur once every twenty years or so. A key component of this one is the tiny planet Chiron, first discovered in 1977. The astrological community is by no means unanimous on whether Chiron should even be seen as astrologically valid. If Chiron is excluded, the hexagon isn't complete, and this mighty alignment becomes a non-event.

Jonathan adds, in the interest of balance, we shall return to this topic soon with an article by Eric Francis...who is a BIG believer in Chiron!

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