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Friday October 17th 2003
Cosmic questions by Bernard Fitzwalter

I was born with Jupiter rising in Sagittarius. I am told this is fortunate and I have been lucky in the past. But not in the last 20 years. Is there some way of giving Jupiter a kick start?

Bernard replies:
Big planets like Jupiter get 'switched on' when another big planet like Saturn or Uranus passes the part of the sky that Jupiter occupied when you were born. Uranus and Neptune were busy in that part of Sagittarius in the 80s, but since then there's been a gap. Until now. Pluto started trundling through Sagittarius a few years back. It will reach the same position as your Jupiter at the end of this year. Your dull days are over: life is about to get interesting again!

A few days ago, I was up in the early hours and saw the moon going down over the horizon. I never knew that the moon actually set. Can you explain? Pat

Dear Pat,
Everything in the sky rises and sets once a day: sun, moon, planets, constellations, the whole lot. The moon also goes around the earth once every 28 days, which means that it changes position from one day to the next. All this moving about means that the moon appears to rise and set about 40 minutes later each day. To be born at moonset is to have the moon in the seventh house. This denotes strong emotion and an adventurous personal life.

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