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Friday October 31st 2003
Out of the Sunshine by Bernard Fitzwalter

Why has the Sun been emitting enormous bursts of energy over the past week? It may well be the current alignment of the planets. Sunspots, or disturbances on the surface of the sun, usually follow an 11-year cycle. These ‘solar ejections’ though, don’t fit that pattern. Some think this is because Mars is so close to the Earth... and therefore to the Sun. Others say that the cycles of Jupiter and Neptune, two of the largest planets in the solar system, have much to do with solar activity. The effect is not to do with gravity, but resonance, where things which are in harmony with each other have an increasing mutual effect. Jupiter and Neptune are ‘tuned’ to a 22-year period, and there are more than 30 other planetary harmonics (Uranus-Pluto, Saturn-Uranus, and so on) which also chime in at something close to 22 years: the whole cosmos sings! Top American astrologer Philip Sedgwick says: “Solar activity sends surging energy out to create a stimulating burst of ‘cosmic electricity’. The energetic systems of people go on high alert in direct response. Some people can do three years of work in what seems to be a week. Other folks spin their wheels in hyperactivity resulting from a lack of co-ordination between thoughts and feelings.”

I am inclined to see it literally... as a power surge. Not only might it knock out your TV or mobile phone... it may cause some aspect of your life to go over the top a bit and blow a fuse. If trouble flares up, treat it as a warning: whatever the problem is, get it fixed!

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