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Friday September 26th 2003

Got a tricky technical question? Our resident expert, BERNARD FITZWALTER, has the answer.

I have been told I was born at a black moon. What does this mean? Sharon

Dear Sharon,
When the moon rises on the day just before a new moon, hardly any of it is lit up. It appears, just before sunrise, as a black disc against a black sky. If you think of the crescent of the new moon as a 'young' moon, then this one is very, very old. People born at this time are said to understand the things other people don't see. They take nothing at face value, and always look for the underlying motives. They are also good at keeping secrets, and it is not easy to tell what they are really thinking. Wise old souls, basically.

What does it mean when Saturn tilts 26 degrees, as it is doing now? Alex

Dear Alex
The ancients donít give us any guidance about this because, of course, they had no telescopes. So they could not see how this planet tilts, once every thirty years. Amazingly though, Saturn's maximum tilt (either towards us or away from us) corresponds to the times when it is in Capricorn or Cancer, where traditional astrology says it is strongest or weakest. When those rings are edge-on to us, it is in Aries or Libra, which have always been considered the best, or least troublesome signs for Saturn. Interesting that the mystical high and low points correspond to the actual ones... isn't it?

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