Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

September 1st to September 6th 2003

MONDAY September 1
Mars email query

Dear Jonathan,
Now that Mars is no longer quite so close to the earth, will you be saying a little less about it?
All the best, Maggie.

Dear Maggie,
The clouds cleared for me this weekend - and I saw Mars in all its glory. An exceptionally powerful omen is still shining down on us all. Mars will continue to be big and bright until October at least. I have only just begun to talk about what this means.
PS: If you can borrow a telescope - or get some binoculars - you’ll find Mars becomes even more stunning.

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TUESDAY September 2
Planet Quaoar

Last year, scientists found a new planet – past Pluto at the edge of our solar system. This small ball of rock is called Quaoar, after a native North American ‘creation spirit’. Discoveries like this bring new words into the cosmic language… once we have worked out what they mean. I have just attended a large gathering of astrologers and mystics, keen to explore this mysterious symbol. We now think Quaoar (pronounced Kwa-Oh-Wah) is about ‘completion’ or ‘wholeness’. Its arrival implies that all people of Earth may soon slowly start to see themselves as members of just one family.

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WEDNESDAY September 3
An Omen of Change - Planet Quaoar

Many of us tend to be deeply suspicious of people from different cultures, nations and religions. Old resentments linger. Bitter battles fought long ago become an excuse for further conflict. As Mars, the War Planet, still shines stunningly bright each night it seems to be urging us to consider our old ingrained prejudices and their horrible consequences. Are we seeing an omen of change? Might the world be finally ready to become less bloodthirsty? Perhaps. The new planet, Quaoar, also suggests that people all over the globe may be about to develop more genuine respect for one another.

To read Jonathan's comments on recent 'scientific studies' into here.

To read Jonathan's comments on recent 'scientific studies' into here.

THURSDAY September 4
Will a UFO change your life forever?

Jonathan writes: “Mars has lately been so bright that some people have mistaken it for a UFO. It certainly seems to have increased the number of people having wild and wonderful experiences. Today, JOHN MICHELL takes a close look at what some of these may really mean.

Dear John,
“I was crossing the road to a park with my daughter in Wood Green, London. It was 6.15pm, normally a very busy time. Suddenly, we were both hit by a vibration which resounded throughout our whole bodies. We saw a space-ship on the ground in the park. We were not frightened in any way, but the strange thing was that there was no traffic whatsoever. We both spoke of what we were seeing. The hum from its power had us rooted to the spot. It took off with lights flashing, slowly at first and then disappearing into the night. Neither of us spoke to anyone about this until ten years ago. We then told the family and - guess what - they said we were daft. But neither of us will forget what we saw. We are not nuts, just normal people. Ever since that day in 1958 we have known there is life out there somewhere, and it doesn’t scare us one bit. Indeed, it inspires us.”
Joan Ayers, Essex.

I am impressed by the many UFO letters sent in by readers. Their stories have much in common. They all saw something large and wonderful, with beautiful, flashing, coloured lights. Everything went silent, and they gazed at it for a while, as if hypnotised. They often say that it gave them a feeling of ease with the universe.

That is just like the ancient ritual of initiation. Those who went through it had a mystical experience that temporarily deranged their senses. Then they were reborn and became aware of the beauty and mystery of existence. They reached the level called ‘understanding’, the highest and most delightful state of mind you can achieve.

Was this really a space craft? Joan and her daughter saw it as that, and perhaps they are right. It is quite possible that a cultured and benevolent race from beyond Earth is gently preparing us for contact. But their experience sounds to me more like a vision.

Some UFO experiences cause a kind of enlightenment. Others bring pain and confusion. That, I think, is how the world really is. There are angels and demons and unseen entities. But nature at heart is benevolent, and so is the UFO phenomenon. It is urging us to take a wider view of reality, to appreciate the wonders of Creation.

  • John Michell would love to hear about your experience of any unusual or unexplained phenomena e-mail John at:

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FRIDAY September 5
Greetings from the Future - Astrological Association

Jonathan writes: Hundreds of astrologers from all over the world gathered in York in the U.K., last weekend, for the 35th annual conference of the Astrological Association, the photo shows some of the delegates.

Discussion topics included “The astrology of the Middle East” and ‘The future of the war on terror”. After looking hard at the charts of crucial countries and leaders, delegates were in broad agreement. There will be no significant reduction in global tension without deep compassion, profound apology and forgiveness on all sides. Not all the attention though, went into the world at large. Much time was spent looking at how astrology can help individuals... as my colleague Nick Campion now reports.

Heavenly Help
by Nick Campion
Quite a few of the top astrologers at this year's Astrological Association conference were also qualified psychologists and therapists. For them, this was a chance to talk about how they work with their clients. These members of the caring professions feel that astrology can play a vital role in helping people through the crunch times. A birthchart can be especially useful when you need to figure out what to do next. Also represented at the conference was Pat Harris, a scientist from Southampton University who is investigating links between the planets and fertility treatment. Her aim is to help childless couples get the timing right. Preliminary results show that success is more likely when Jupiter is strong. Almost every astrologer at this year’s conference had something to say about the recent arrival of “revolutionary” Uranus in mystical Pisces. The consensus was that we should expect the emergence of strange religious beliefs and amazing scientific breakthroughs. A much increased interest in psychic ability is expected between now and 2011 when Uranus moves into a new sign once more.

Get Involved
The Astrological Association cordially invite you to join them. Whether you’re a professional, a student or just fascinated by forecasting, you’ll enjoy the regular publications and special events. Call from the UK: 0208 880 4848 and outside the UK: +44 208 880 4848 or click here to visit The Astrological Association website.

Heaven and Earth
Is astrology becoming as influential as religion? For viewers in the UK, Jonathan Cainer will be one of the guests discussing this on Sunday’s Heaven and Earth show at 10.30am on BBC1.

Heavenly Super Heroes Join Forces this Week!
Bernard Fitzwalter writes: Monday, brings a conjunction of Mercury and Venus. Mercury is now going backwards through Virgo, causing problems and inconveniences to all with arrangements to make or deals to do. Once every couple of years though, Mercury in reverse meets Venus coming forwards. This is like Lois Lane falling off a skyscraper to find Superman there to catch her.

Venus will ‘break’ Mercury's backward tumble or at least reduce its negative impact. No matter what sign you are, if things are getting out of control this week, someone may soon appear out of the blue to help you, by playing Venus to your Mercury.

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SATURDAY September 6
Geri Halliwell: What The Heavenly Orbs Reveal

Each week, in this space, I write about important figures in the news. This week, it surely is time to look at the most important figure of all. A nation wants to know. “Has she or hasn’t she?” And, if she definitely hasn’t, “Is she or isn’t she?” She could be.

Sometimes, when a woman IS... those particular parts of the anatomy are first to show it. Or perhaps it is the fault of the Atkins diet. Some say she has clearly been taking Mr Atkins’ advice. Others insist this proves she has been ignoring it. How can we rest till we know?

I feel a patriotic duty to apply my divinatory powers to the matter. So here we go. Geri was born in Watford on August 6, 1972. Her chart contains a dramatic opposition between Jupiter and the Moon. The Moon traditionally signifies mammary glands. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and amplification. This particular opposition is ‘disassociate’: it can be more powerful at some times than at others.

So that explains all those mysterious comings and goings. Now after much close study (of her birth chart) I can make a pronouncement. No she hasn’t. No she isn’t (yet). And er... yes, they probably ARE back to stay. Saturn (planet of permanence) promises her plenty of support soon.

PS Geri is not alone! The Hutton Inquiry, currently taking place in the U.K., is about to prove we were all big boobies for believing Tony Blair about the war.


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