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September 8th to September 13th 2003

MONDAY September 8
Mars and Full Moon Alignment

People often talk about wishing on a star. You can, indeed, wish upon certain types of star at certain times of year. More usually, though, people tend to wish upon a planet. Mars remains more than bright enough to wish upon now – and this week’s Full Moon in the same part of the sky will complete and alignment of exceptional power. It is, generally speaking, a good time to make wishes - especially if those wishes somehow involve the happiness of others or the well-being of the wider world.

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TUESDAY September 9
Scare Stories Comment

Did you read, recently, about an asteroid due to collide with Earth in 2014? News items like this always turn out to be scare stories. Usually they are placed by scientists who want to make sure nobody cuts their research budget. This one was officially retracted soon after it came out but I am still getting calls from terrified readers. I hereby promise that the end is NOT nigh. Neither an asteroid, nor the end of the Mayan calendar, nor global warming, WWIII or aliens from planet Zarg are going to destroy us. So relax!

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WEDNESDAY September 10
Harvest Moon Comment

The Moon is now looking exceptionally big. Whenever it appears so low in the sky, just after Sunset, our eyes get confused about the size. Scientists argue about what causes this optical illusion but astrologers are in no doubt about the meaning. "Watch out. Emotional tides are rising!" Many also feel the September Full Moon is called the Harvest Moon for a good reason. One way or another, at this time of year, people seem to start reaping what they have sown."
  • Don't miss Mars tonight; gorgeously bright, just above and to the right of the Moon.

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THURSDAY September 11
A Sea Change for Dolphins; On the Road to Clean Air; Naked Ambition

A Sea Change For Dolphins
Around Easter, I passed on a message from the Dolphins. "Help us please" they said. "We are in danger of being deafened by the US navy's low-frequency sonar equipment." Dolphins, whales and porpoises use sound of a similar frequency to communicate and navigate. Independent experts have confirmed that the sonar blocks this. Worryingly, they have linked several instances of mass beaching to the use of this machinery. Last month, when an American environmental group went to court in California to fight the Dolphins' case, the judge ruled in their favour. Chief campaigner John Adams said, "We've won a significant victory... one worth celebrating."

On The Road To Clean Air
Back in July, I met Daniel Blackburn, as he was about to set off on an epic journey in the U.K., in a car powered by vegetable oil. I promised him, at the time, that if his trip was successful, I would get my own car converted. Daniel made it all the way. He is now back on his farm in Wales and, so that I can keep my promise, he has put me in touch with The Low Impact Living Initiative who run courses for all who want to follow this example. The next takes place in early December. A mechanically-minded friend of mine has promised to attend and to take along our family's nine-seater diesel minibus (I've got so many kids that they won't quite fit into an ordinary car!). I'll let you know how it goes.

  • Running a car on corn oil is green, clean and NOT illegal as long as you 'declare' every litre you use and pay tax on it. If you filter it first, you can even re-use old cooking oil.

  • Rudolph Diesel, inventor of the diesel engine said, in 1912, "The use of vegetable oils may seem insignificant today but they may in time become every bit as important as petrol"

Naked Ambition
Daniel tells me that, when he reached Inverness in Scotland, he stopped to visit someone else who has been trying to cover the same ground with less success. Steve Gough, 44, believes the freedom to go without clothes is a basic human right, so he has been walking naked in the U.K. from Land's End to John O'Groats. His journey was fine until he got to Scotland... but he is now in Inverness Prison, awaiting a trial for 'breach of the peace' on October 3. Daniel wished him all the best. Steve is going to need this if he intends to carry on once he gets out. Scottish autumns are chilly!

  • John Michell returns next week
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    FRIDAY September 12
    Moon and Mars; Musical Black Hole; William Lilly

    Dear Jonathan,
    We live in the Faroe Islands and on Wednesday, we took this photo of the full Moon and Mars. We hope you enjoy it.
    Eilif & Eline
    PS: As Mars is now in Pisces is that good news for all Pisceans?

    Dear Eilif and Eline,
    I was in central London that night and saw the same scene breaking through through the fuzz of light pollution that normally hides the stars. I remember wishing I had my camera on me. So thanks for a great shot. And yes, Mars so bright in Pisces IS good news for all with planets in this sign.

    Dear Jonathan,
    What do you make of this week's story, about a black hole in space, emitting the musical note Bflat? Apparently, we can't hear it because it is 57 octaves lower than middle-C. But do you think we can somehow 'feel' it?
    Best wishes

    Dear Dave,
    The ancients believed that planets played different notes in a sort of celestial symphony. As they moved in their orbits, they changed their tune - which you could hear with your inner ear. It's nice to see science catching up at last.

    Astro News
    William Lilly was once Britain's most famous astrologer. He lived from 1602-1682 and had many royal and celebrity clients. He once published a woodcut showing the Gemini twins (which govern London) above a city consumed in flames. After the Great Fire broke out, he was accused of starting it to fulfil his own prophecy. He supported Oliver Cromwell in the Civil War and damaged his reputation by making overly impassioned predictions. Eventually he restored his good name though a series of more accurate judgements. On Monday, at 11am in London, at the Old Aldwych Station, an official plaque is being erected to his memory.

    The Scottish Astrological Association is having a special weekend in Edinburgh from September 19-21 with the distinguished American writer Noel Tyl. They say they are always happy to welcome new faces. Details on their website:

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    SATURDAY September 13
    Victoria's Secret Revealed At Last!

    Victoria Beckham April 17, 1974 Aries

    Victoria's Secret Revealed At Last!
    How posh is Posh?
    Well, money is no measure of class.
    But if you wanted to hire her husband to play for your football team, you'd need to win tonight's lottery twice over just to cover the transfer fee. Victoria's nickname has turned out to be pretty prophetic. If you re-arrange the letters in it, you get "Epic Shops". Surely, that's more than coincidence, especially when you consider how she was blessed, at birth, with a well starred wealth planet. Plus, like all born under the sign of the ram, she's an assertive go-getter who never lets a silly little word like "no" get in her way. Mars (ruler of Aries) is now shining more brightly than ever in history. Though her solo career has not yet been all she might wish for, it will soon get a boost from her collaboration with hip-hop star Damon Dash... followed by a real kick start from the Spice Girls Reunion of 2004. After which, Victoria's earnings could rapidly rocket to the point where she can pay her hubby's transfer fees all by herself... and bring the whole family back home to Britain.

    Key Points In Victoria's Chart:

    • Venus, planet of money, forms an auspicious conjunction to Jupiter, planet of expansion.

    • This alignment, in turn, harmoniously links to Neptune, the wish-fulfilling jewel of the cosmos.

    • Mars (drive) and Saturn (determination) sit prettily together in Gemini - sign of the deal maker.


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