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Monday, 17th November 2003
Thank you to everyone who responded to Jonathan's Don't Think Twice article. Here is a selection of readers' comments.

 Thank you for your comments on the weekly segment, damn you're a good man, and it is wonderful that so many people can enjoy your relentlessly optimistic point of view!
Regards L.

I am daily reader of your website and appreciate your insight and your humor. We, in fact, share political opinions, particularly with regard to the occupation of Iraq. So you can imagine my dismay when I read this line, "Banking on his own countrymen's inability to tell one foreigner from another," in the introduction to the weekly forecasts.

I am American and I live in New York. My desk at work looks directly out to what used to be the North Tower of the World Trade Centers. I, like my family and my friends, am quite able to distinguish between the origin of foreigners so I am disappointed that you chose to employ such a condescending stereotype to describe Americans. I did not vote for George Bush (or his father) indeed the majority of American voters, did not vote for W.I, like many of my fellow countrymen have marched against the decision to go to war. I, like many Americans, read media from all over the world and am not naive about this administration's objectives. I, like many Americans, continue to be appalled at the direction in which Tony Blair's politics have moved.

If you've never visited New York, let me give you a quick snapshot at what you'd find. In my neighborhood alone and I'm talking about a 5-block area, these are the "foreigners" I encounter on a daily basis. My coffee shop is owned and operated by a Sicilian, my bodega where I purchase my newspaper is owned and operated by a gentlemen from Pakistan, my dry cleaner, a gentleman from Korea; my nail salon, a woman from India; my diner, by a Greek family, the local pharmacy is managed by a gentleman from the Dominican Republic, the pizzeria a man from Italy, the mail shop by a gentlemen from Kosovo, and finally, my landlord is from Turkey. I have been successful in not only distinguishing between these different ethnic origins, I can also tell you a fair bit about each nation's history.

My work colleagues and friends include people from the following countries: Algeria, Afghanistan, Amsterdam, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Malawi, Mexico, Nigeria, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Russia, Poland, Pakistan, Palestine, Peru, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, etc.

My grandparents, collectively, emigrated to this country from Croatia, Poland, and Slovakia. Americans are taught from a young age, that we are all foreigners who have become part of a 'melting pot.' Obviously, not every American has such an idealistic view of their country's origin, but quite a few of us do.

Might I suggest you regard the polls that consistently show that the majority of Americans support Bush and his war, with the same amount of cynicism you show toward Blair's argument for the war. Just like I don't believe that all Brits are warmongers because their leader happens to be motivated by personal ambitions at the cost of human life, I encourage you to do the same with respect toward Americans.
Best Regards, E.B.

Do you really believe that we Americans cannot tell one foreigner from another? Please tell me that I am misinterpreting that comment.

Please remember, we didn't elect this man. We elected Al Gore, but, by the most bizarre series of events and political maneuverings that led us to the brink of a Constitutional crisis, Bush came into office. Please also remember that in all major cities across the country we marched for peace before the war with Iraq in numbers as large as or larger than those in other cities and countries throughout the world. We wrote to our political representatives and let our voices and wishes be heard. We prayed, we meditated, we chanted. Of all the hundreds and hundreds of Americans I know, not one ("official polls" notwithstanding) supports the Bush effort in Iraq. In addition, you could drive down any city street in the country prior to war and see numerous pro-peace signs set out in laws and windows, such as "War is not the answer", "Say no to war in Iraq", "This is not my war", etc. Similar car bumper stickers abounded. Those signs and stickers haven't disappeared, nor has the pro-peace effort ceased.

Please don't fall victim to stereotyping or the Bush propaganda machine. We are not xenophobic, nor are we warmongers. We are as enraged about this abuse of power and abuse of our beloved Constitution as the rest of the world and we are actively working to stop it. However paradoxically, and this has been the case throughout history, it can be extraordinarily difficult for the many to wrest power from the few.

Sometimes I think that Bush came to office by this strange sequence of events precisely so that the world would have the opportunity for the dialogue that is now occurring. I also believe that we now have an opportunity for peace and oneness that we've never had before, but calling each other names won't further that effort.

Thank you for your time. I remain one of your biggest fans,
J.D., American

Please know that I love your site. I purchased a year long forecast this year! But.... in this week's thought for the week, you or someone stated that George Bush was banking on his countryman's inability to distinguish one foreigner from another. Not all of us are so closed minded to think we are the only ones in the world. I can assure you that many of us are extremely concerned about matters that are not on our own shores. Also many of us have close friends all over the world. I can also assure you that many of us are embarrassed by our government and their actions. I am a singer songwriter and write about such issues. And I do believe that we will live in peace one day! Please do not offend all citizens of the USA by assuming we are all the same.
Peace, J.R
Very nice comment you make today, speaking frankly about warmonger George W and the no-more-idealist Tony B. As a Palestinian, I can only appreciate your courage and your standing up for what you believe in. This also make you a force of positive change in this world, and relevant to a better tomorrow for us all...
Yours affectionately, I.s., Ramallah-Palestine
Saturday 15th Nov comments I read with amazement, no one has been so forth right 'well said'. Regards L., Northallerton
Re: Don't Think Twice Firstly, Dylan, a lyrical genius and political activist for five straight years, (64-67) seemed to go brain dead after he broke his neck in 1967 when his motorcycle brakes failed, Well, was it an accident or a warning from the Government.. Blair first touched Americans with his eloquent English when he spoke of Princess Dianna in the wake of her death. Can we use the word accidental to her demise. Our Veterans will always thank Blair for helping them. Christ, we needed help. Wait until the French get in a pinch. Bush is a moralist in free spin. Remember he was elected by the US Supreme Court not the people. The people will cut him loose after one term too. Him and Sharon which is dumb and who is dumber. R.S.H.,USA
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